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Digestion in Mouth
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We have seen the digestion of food in mouth and function of salivary amylase, bicarbonate ions and lysosome.

Sudipt kumar
I am Sudipt. Written 3 Civil service mains. Other exams cleared - SSC CGL, GATE, CAT, FTII, IISc, TISS. I love playing table tennis. I have

Unacademy user
Hi Mam,could you please let me know why Buddhism was not spread to west of the world,where the Buddhism spread most parts of east of the world at that time?
Bhargavi Vardhan
9 months ago
it is simple that travelling to these places through the means of travel available at that time could spread it to only these areas. and also the cultural similarities between the original religions of these regions and Buddhism where higher than its similarities with Christianity.
Sasi Kanth
9 months ago
Ok,got it,thanks Mam