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Digestion And Absorption--1
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It's the first lecture of the series. It's on Digestion an d Absorption chapter. General organisation and Buccopharyngeal cavity parts have been discussed (Except teeth).

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south of gibraltor is Morrocco
Sir... What are grooves and ridges??
so nice sir really helpful ...but sir hindi kuch alag majedaar feel aati h padhne me vo feel English me nhi aa rhi ... still amazing lecture.. thqq sir
Pranav Pundarik
3 months ago
Ya ya I understand
Sir, meri isbar neet accha nahi hua hain. Biology main accha marks nahi aya hain. Sir please suggests me kese parhe?
English k lesson mai bhi aage piche😅😅😅sahi hai👍
sir I m new on unacademy...can these videos really help me out to crack neet...I mean to say just to learn from this is enough to crack neet or their will be a need of other books and coaching too..
  1. 0 92 S7 Pg 7

  2. D1388 T10N: Conversion of complex food substances to simpler absorbable form . general organization can be regarded as Alimentary canat

  3. 00D . Mouth 880phagu8 (Food Pipe) e Stomach Small Intestine (Duodenum, Jejunum, lleum) . Barge Intestine (Ascending, Jransverse and Descending colon, Rectum) onus (Food out)

  4. . Diver .gatl BMadder Pancreas

  5. Palate Tongue .Jeeth

  6. Top lip Hard palate Soft palate Oropharynx Right tonsil Left tonsil Tongue Bottom lip

  7. The top of your mouth Anterior 18 Hard Palate . Posterior is Soft Palate

  8. nterior part Made of Maxilla and patatine bone On ventral tart (Jhat you can 8ee), ha8 80me projection called talatine rugae

  9. . Posterior art Made up of muacle fibrous connective tissue . ts fastertor fart, es oxtsrowt calles Velum Pelath (ortoule), . uoula covers the opening of internal nasal res when food gets in. **pharyns is the common path for sir and food.

  10. Anterior part free. Posterior part attached to Hyovd bone. Ventral surface connected to floor of buccal cavity by Frenulum eing a e. 8nd y Shape tart called a8 Sulcus Jerminalis.

  11. . Pink colored .Found on entire tongue surface Mostly at anterior part of tongue. Provides ink color to tongue.