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Differential equation 13 - NUMERICAL
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Prakhar Shrivastava
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCTION | IIT B | NITIE | GATE - 2016 ( AIR -03, SCORE - 939/1000) |Tennis | Street plays | Foodie

Unacademy user
in 4.46 How we got sec2(z/2)
Abdur Rahman
8 months ago
1+cosz= sin^2(z/2)+cos^2(z/2)+cos^2(z/2) - sin^2(z/2)
Hi sir your videos are great. A small doubt sir in some problems we keep constant c as such and in some we find the value of c by using initial conditions . How could we do it sir.
If initial condition is given in question, we find value of c, other we write it as "c" only
ok sir thanks a lot.