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This lesson provides information about the economic development of a country

Awdhesh Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Awdhesh Singh
Director,, An E-learning platform for Civil Services, Schools, GST etc., IITian, Former IRS Officer CSE-1989 rank 272

Unacademy user
I am not getting answer for the first two exercise problems , may I think there was a mistake in the question
sir pc par kaise chalta hai bata o na
despite of just reading plz do explain more ... otherwise it's too good
Before going in detail about development I have a doubt fr wht actually counts for economics sir???
sir,I am really very confuse because some people tell me that read another books of sst but according to class 10 syllabus NCERT is book is needed sir plzzz advice me which book is better for me .
Awdhesh Singh
4 months ago
Jeet books are best for fundamental
Awdhesh Singh
4 months ago
Pl refer other books also after ncert books
Riya Singh Rathore
4 months ago
tqqq so much sir
sir , am getting ncert .e books from various sources​ in internet. are they sufficient to read or I should buy physical books.some says to Study ncert old books. is I t necessary to study them sir?
Awdhesh Singh
5 months ago
Internet books are better as they are updated and latest. No need for physical books.
Chandini priya
5 months ago
ok sir and thank you
Geeta Rawat
5 months ago
sir day after tomorrow I am having my CBSE sst paper something important you could tell
  1. Development (Course: Class X NCERT -Basics of Economics) Dr Awdhesh Singh, Director, Awdhesh Academy Former Commissioner, Customs and Indirect Taxes

  2. .B Tech from IIT-BHU Varanasi, M Tech from IIT-Delhi &PhD IIITM-Gwalior in 2008 Joined IRS (C&IT) in 1991. Received WCO Certificate of Merit in 2011 Received Presidential Award from Government of India in 2016 Took VRS in October 2016 in the rank of Commissioner . Fifth Most Followed Writer on Quora in the world with around 2.5 lakhs followers and over 118 Million Answer views . Authored four bestselling books on the topic of Spiritual Intelligence Leadership, Myths, and GST .New book '31 Ways to Happiness' has been released recently Book on 'Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude' is expected to be released soon Follow Me @ 2I Director, Awdhesh Academy

  3. Meaning of development Development means different things to different people. People seek things that are most important for them and can fulfil their aspirations or desires. For example, . a landless rural labourers wants more days of work and better wages, local school is able to provide quality education for their children; there is no social discrimination and they too can become leaders in the village etc. A prosperous farmer wants an assured high family income through higher support prices for their crops and through hardworking and cheap labourers;

  4. Different goals for people Material Goals Regular work, Better wages, Decent price for their crops or other products that they produce. . More income. Nonmaterial goals Equal treatment, . freedom, security, and respect of others. Non discrimination.

  5. UPSC CSE Educators Roman Saini 0-I) 150klive minutes Mrunal Patel Aartee Mishra Mudit Gupta yussh Sanghi 204k live minutes Jatin Verma Deepika Reddy Magham 0-) 46k live minutes 22ak live minutes 170k ive minutes 73k live minut 65k live minutes unacademy Abhishek Srivastava Sudarshan Gurjar 0- 42k livre minutes Ashna Sisodia Venkatesh Chaturvedi -) 37k live minutes Awdhesh Singh 0) 28k live minutes Arpita Sharma Qo 25k live minutes Arti Chhawari 43k live minutes 040k live minutes 22k live minutes Use code aksinghrs to avail 10% additional discount

  6. Conflicting goals . Different persons could have different as well as conflicting goals. A girl wants as much freedom and opportunity as her brother, and that he also shares in the household work. Her brother may not like this. . An industrialist may want dam to get more electricity, which may be resented by the tribal who have to be displaced

  7. Case Study .A vessel dumped 500 tonnes of liquid toxic wastes into open- air dumps in a city and in the surrounding sea. This happened in a city called Abidjan in Ivory Coast, a country in Africa. The fumes from the highly toxic waste caused nausea, skin rashes, fainting, diarrhoea etc. After a month seven persons were dead, twenty in hospital and twenty six thousand treated for symptoms of poisoning A multinational company dealing in petroleum and metals had contracted a local company of the Ivory Coast to dispose the toxic waste from its ship.

  8. Questions (i) Who are the people who benefited and who did not? (ii) What should be the developmental goal for this country?

  9. Measuring development and Per capita income There can be many criteria to measure the development of a country. However, for comparing countries, their (average) income is considered to be one of the most important attributes. .Average income of a country is the total income of the country divided by its total population The average income is also called per capita income.

  10. Classification of countries . Countries with per capita income of US$ 12236 per annum and above in 2016, are called rich countries. The countries with per capita income of US$ 1005 or less are called low-income countries. India comes in the category of low middle income countries because its per capita income in 2016 was just US$ 1840 per annum. The rich countries are generally called developed countries