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Determinant of a Matrix (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have explained about what is determinant,it's Expansion,determinant of a matrix and scalar multiplication with matrix and equal Matrices with examples.

Amrit Lal
Top Physics Educator 80% questions in NEET19 were directly from my lessons. Mentor/Motivator. Author. Youtube- iStart-Education

Unacademy user
Very nice sir. Thank you. Waiting for more secrets. I liked the last slide on 7th lesson. Colourful. Reminded me of this is beautiful life colourful... Sirji, whats real weakness of corrupt and powerful people?
Jayesh Sonawane
2 years ago
Lack of self awareness and knowledge of Truth that oneself is Eternal Soul, due to ignorance. Everyone has his own definition of what's good and bad according to his or her own perception, choices and desires whatever ideas and knowledge one acquires feeds the intelligence and mind e.g. you read books or TV or anything your senses are always acquiring knowledge. but if everyone is imperfect with all imperfect senses and all knowledge given by such imperfect person due to imperfect senses remains imperfect and such desires and wants and misdirected deviated intelligence leads to corruption be it corruption in character( Not following law), corruption in mind (Having all unethical moral thoughts) and corrupt desires which leads to actions on physical plain. whatever you feed your senses and mind it is seen in your character. so where we can find such perfect knowledge and perfect person who can actually guide us Humans who have been given ability to think not use intelligence to destruction but to use it positively for self elevation that's given by the Supreme lord of everyone himself in his words and given by his pure devotees in the scriptures, those who follow him becomes perfectly situated in true knowledge and hence can be followed and by scrutinizing and studying them we can actually discriminate who is fake rascal and who is genuine follower of true principles because his life and character emanates all the divine qualities as its stated in Srimad Bhagwatam, As human to attached to the bodies because of their egos discriminate oneself on basis of religion their body is born into but soul and God he doesn't have discrimination as the pain you feel on pinching is felt by anyone from different caste, religion and nationality the lack of knowledge of soul and ones relationship with the supreme lord and the other fellow living entities and living in ignorance is the only true cause of so many problems in the world which even after so many UN resolutions and peace treaties and schemes of governments fail to gain full success, because as soon as people forget the truth they start acting with corrupt mind and instead of becoming selfless they try to use power and everything to enjoy and exploit others and thus starts the chaos you see. PS. These are stated by so many saintly personalities through out Scriptures like Srimad Bhagwatam, Bible and so many divine vedic scriptures but sadly People try to learn these on material plane and hence can't derive true nectar and potential from the same and thus religion becomes topic of debate, show off, discussion to satisfy ego but not to purify once existence.
Thnks for making vedio for us