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Definition of Center Of Mass (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the definition of Center Of Mass and Calculation of mass moment of system of particles.

Kailash Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kailash Sharma
Senior Faculty Physics - Resonance Kota, Bansal Classes Chandigarh(2 Years), Ex- Resonance (Ahmedabad) - (3 Years), B.Tech - Mechanical Engi

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please make video on social science pedagogy
Ravi Kumar
a year ago
It will cover in social science course, please visit it
soda lagta hai resonance class mein padha rahe ho☺☺☺☺
soda lagta hai resonance class mein padha rahe ho☺☺☺☺
sabhi mass M ke barabar kyom
Kailash Sharma
16 days ago
Sare add kr diye
sir neet ke liya objective book physic ka kon sa hai go low level se high level tak ka question hai for class11
  1. Centen Of Mass T. Il mou, we haw studied m tion of a Sin9 article and even exlendsd it to ango objec But in conten mass toic oill stud mo tt cm c. . . is an imoginatu point 01 Mn wherp h whole mass the Sus em subbosed to be concantpale MoHon f syskm Can be und0975 Hood Cm*

  2. Mass Moment It is a vectodi physical quanhK t is defined as Noduct of mass of anticla and da sfanc from tha point abou cich mass moment is to be calcula ted mass mo men f anticLe Gboutoi dt tha sqstem as a boin cvill haue sama Mass momanh mass on C.0.M poinf obouf any point s tha C O M

  3. Centen of mass system (boint mass platocd d c.o.M) CM Susm mass Cmm cm rmi cm total mas

  4. df oni ta kan as the Cande of mass then Mass moment of Ststem "hanca . tha canfen of mass is th point about which tha sum of mass moment stem is z,*c Cm rm