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Dedicated Answer Writing Practice - 1
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Ashish Malik
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Superb sir please upload this type of video of answer writing sir
Ashish Malik
7 months ago
Yes sure but after prelims
This is question of which year sir
thnkz alot plz upload as much as u can because they r most imp lectures for us
Ashish Malik
a year ago
Yes I will
sir please explain about the keywords of questions like Discuss, Evaluate, Analyse, Critically Analyse, etc
sir please explain with Hindi language


  3. 1 DISCUSS GANDHIJI's VIEWS ON MODERNITY. RELIGIOSITY SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY. ALSO COMMENT IF HIS VIEWS ON THESE ASPECTS ARE RELEVANT TODAY. (200 WORDS) o Modernitv:- Gandhi offered an alternative and non- Western form of modernity. He considered the best of both Indian tradition and modernity. It is a mistake to regard Gandhi as a staunch traditionalist as he often is described. Modernity for Gandhi did not imply the wholesale rejection of tradition. o Religiosity :- Religiosity, for Gandhiji, was a lifelong quest for self-transformation. He gave a new meaning to a series of disciplinary/religious practices like austerity, fasting and control over body and sexuality.

  4. o Science:- He was not anti-science as is commonly misunderstood. Gandhi went on to say that he appreciated the urge that led scientists to conduct basic research, to do 'science for the sake of science'. But he worried that scientists and science students in India came overwhelminglv from the middle class (and upper castes), and hence knew only to use their minds and not their hands o Spiritualitv:- For Gandhiji religion was both, the formal where ritual practices diverged, and the eternal where all faiths had common goals. Pravers were needed to affirm and activate the divine within, not to ask favours. He argued for sadbhava, that is goodwill and toleration o Relevance today- As people are reduced commodities and consumers, Gandhijis moral engagement with self and society must be revisited as a protest ideology and they are relevant in present time as well owing to their eternal strengths and powerful ideas.

  5. 2) "ALL AT ONCE. INDIA'S HEALTHCARE SUFFERS FROM QUALITY. QUANT TY. FOOTPRINT, ACCESS AND AFFORDABILITY SSUES." CRITICALLY ANALYSE. (200 WORDS) o The situation is not much better as per study of WHO. It has placed India in 112th position among 191 countries of the world. Even Bangladesh is ahead of India Quality issues o India suffers from an acute shortage of secondary and tertiary hospitals, a significant shortfall in specialists and specialized equipment, and a rigid regulatory framework comb ned with corrupt enforcement Quantity problem o Lowest government spend and public spend, as a proportion of ss domestic product (GDP), and the lowest per capita ealth spend. Indians met more than 62 percent of their health expenses from their personal savings, called "out-of pocket expenses". compared with 13.4 percent in the US. 10 per cent in the UK and 54 per cent in China.

  6. Footprint o Lack of footprint impacts not only the filtering of patients but also deeply impacts prevention and early detection o Accessibility and affordability :- o Primary health centres (PHC) are not present in many villages (about 1 for every 20 villages)

  7. Wav Forward o Measures like early management of health problems and better o Universally accessible and affordable healthcare at the same time can o New and innovative ways of engaging the private sector especially in o A National Health Regulatory and Development Framework needs to quality of care needed to be focused in primary healthcare system. be achieved with integrated approach the provision of tertiary care be made for improving the quality, performance, equity, efficacy and accountability of the health care delivery across the country. o India needs to increase its expenditure on health sector as a percent of GDP ( 1.2% now) o Comparing India's and China's growth rates. Amartva Sen argues that the main reason for the latter's explosive growth cannot be attributed to the nature of its government, but to its higheir investment in health and education o Focus needs to be on preventive health measure and successful implementation of immunization.

  8. 3) PROPAGATING GOOD REPRODUCTIVE HYGIENE IS AS MOST IMPORTANT AS PROPAGATING GOOD FAMILY PLANNING COMMENT. (200 WORDS) o Introduction ; Family planning involves using birth control techniques. It allows couples to have their desired number of children, and control the spacing and timing of their births. Importance of family planning o It is very much needed for maternal health. Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery. o A woman's ability to space and limit her pregnancies has a direct impact on her health and well-being, as well as on the outcome of each pregnancy. Importance of reproductive hygiene o Reproductive health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of reproductive disease or infirmity

  9. o Women bear by far the greatest burden of reproductive health problems. Women are at risk of complications from pregnancy and childbirth; they also face risks in preventing unwanted pregnancy, suffer the complications of unsafe abortion, bear most of the burden of contraception, and are more exposed to contracting, and suffering the complications of reproductive tract infections, particularly sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Among women of reproductive age, 36% of all healthy years of life lost is due to reproductive health problems such as unregulated fertility, maternal mortality and morbidity and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. By contrast, the equivalent figure for men is 12%Hence good reproductive hygiene is equally important as propagating good family planning