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Days 21-30 Strategy(in Hindi)
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Days 21-30

Bineesh Soni is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bineesh Soni
Cleared CHSL & CGL. Former Employee of Ministry of Culture. Scored 50/50 in Quant 5 Times in SSC. A specialist in SSC preparation.

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sir special live class chi link send kra
Balaji Shejul
a year ago
unacademy या aap मध्ये pluscorce मध्ये माझे नाव पहा आणि तिथे गणित बुद्धिमत्ता स्पेशल क्लास साठी रजिस्ट्रेशन करा
Dips khandagale
a year ago
OK Sir thanx
  1. DAYS 21-30

  2. Hello! I am BINEESH SONI(BINNI) I am here because of your love and trust You can find me at

  3. QUANT Each day 210 questions revision of Advance Every question from Kiran publication previous year questions. Practice questions from not only one chapter but from some selected chapters which you want to practice. V According to me the chapters should be Trigonometry Mensuration 70 questions daily of each topic : Geometry Total 2100 questions will be covered in 10 days. For short tricks you can visit my profile and can watch courses - Mock test thrice in a week. See solution of every question on the same day. /nee

  4. ENGLISH V Revise rules of One chapter from Plinth to paramount and mirror of common errors DO half practice questions on the same day and remaining on the next day. V3 lessons will be completed in 6 days : Subject verb agreement, Articles, Question tag In last 4 days revise all the chapters Revise daily (1st to 9th day) from plinth to paramount and MB publication : OWS 50 : IDIOMS 50 : VOCABS 50 (available syno and anto also) Total 1350 will be completed on the 9th day Revise all voacabs, ows, idioms you have learnt till date On that date you will have learnt 4050 vTake 2 cloze test & 2 comprehension daily Take mock test thrice in a week V See the solution on the same day yn/

  5. Thanks! Any questions? Kindly put your queries in comment box SHARING IS CARING SHARE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE nnee