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Day#7 Maths Questions (In Malayalam)
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In this lessons covered Day#7 Questions

Ramshad CT
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primary deficit=fiscal deficit- interst payment 3lkh-8k =220000
1 800 2, ?3,30 4,? 5,2000
1) 800 2) 20000 3) 30 4) 15625 5) 2000
1) 800 2) 20000 3) 30 4) 15625 5) 2000
1-800 2-20000 3-30 4-15625 5-2000
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  5. A man bought a radio set and saved Rs.200 when a discount of 25% was given. What was the price of the radio set before discount? (a) 1000 (b) 1100 (c) 900 (d) 800 Ramshad CT

  6. Gopal's salary was first increased by 10%, then decreased by 20%. If the latest salary is Rs.17,60O then find the original salary (a) 20000 (b) 10000 (c) 150OO (d) 180oo Ramshad

  7. Indian Cricket team played 120O matches in the year 2014. They won 25% of the matches played. How many matches did India win in that year? (a) 45 (b) 35 (c) 40 (d) 30 Rou

  8. In an office, the ratio of the salary of an officer to that of a clerk is 25:9. If the salary of the clerk is Rs. 100O0 less than that of the officer, then what is the salary of the officer? (a) 15,625 (b) 15,60O (c) 15,675 (d) 15650 Rd

  9. The amount of money required to be deposited in a bank as a savings account type, for 3 years, at 5% per annum, in order to get Rs.300 as interest? (a) 1000 (b) 2000 (c) 3000 (d) 5000