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Daily MCQs - 5 March
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In this lesson, we will practice 5 MCQs on a daily basis for Prelims 2019.

Yasmin Gill
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  1. PRELIMS DAILY MCQ's for UPSC-CSE 2019 March 5

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  5. Quick Instructions Go through Daily Current Affairs before attempting the questions As soon as the question appears, pause the video, answer the question and resume Calculate your score on a daily basis and write it in the Comments Section below lake out a pen to note down questions

  6. Q1- Which among them is true? A. Aravallis are highly dissected in northern and central part while they are continuous in southern part B. Quartzite is a sedimentary rock found in Aravallis C. Zawar mines in Udaipur are famous for silver D. Rampura Agucha mines are famous for lead and zinc All of these, AB; CD, ACD

  7. ACD QUARTZITE-metamorphic- made from sandstone GURUSHIKHAR- Highest peak Khetri mines, Jhunjhunu- Copper Nagaur- gypsum

  8. Q2- Which of them is true? National Security Council was established in 1998 and is charged with taking care of both internal and external security It is headed by PM Strategic Policy Group assists the National Security Council It is a three-tiered organization A. B. C. D. All of these; BCD, ; ABC

  9. All of these Three-tiered organization that oversees political, economic, energy and security issues of strategic concern National Security Council comprises the Strategic Policy Group, the National Security Advisory Board and a secretariat from the Joint Intelligence Committee NSA is secretary Membership- NSA, Deputy National Security Advisor, Defence Minister, Home Minister, External Affairs minister, Finance Minister and NITI Aayog's Deputy Chairman

  10. Q3-Asia's oldest bamboo fossils has been recovered from which area of India? Western Ghats Eastern Ghats North East region None of these

  11. Q4- Which of these is true? A. "Flying bulldog" is the world's largest bee B. It makes its nest in termite mounds C. IUCN Red List lists the bee as "vulnerable" All of these; AB; AC; Only A

  12. Q5- Which among them is true? A. "660-km boundary" is the name given to boundary between upper and lower mantle B. Massive mountains are found in this layer C. Both D. None

  13. 'Azaadi ke Diwane' museum at Red Fort, Delhi BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique) under CIBMS (Comprehensive Integrated Border Management system) on India-Bangladesh border BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique) Now, the entire span of River Brahmaputra has been covered with data network generated by Microwave communication Enable BSF Quick Reaction Teams to thwart any possibility of Illegal Cross Border Crossing/ Crimes.

  14. Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs brought to the fore the National Common Mobility Card

  15. Gratitude is the best attitude RATE, REVIEW AND RECOMMEND