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Daily MCQ's -16 August (in Hindi)
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This lesson helps you to practice and revise 5 MCQ'S for your UPSC-CSE 2019 Prelims.

Yasmin Gill
Discount Code-"yashi.gill01"/Qualified for UPSC mains/Rank 24th in Punjab PCS

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madam gud effort....but pronounciation is manuscript MYANUSCRIPT
hello mam can you pls highlight the place during map reading it was easy to understand.
Yasmin Gill
a year ago
Thank you for the suggestion. It will be done next time I put a map.
thank u
FAO HEADQUARTER ROME ITALY Prasad scheme comes under ministry of tourism 5/5 Thank you so much ma'am
3/5 FAO Headquarter: ROME(Itlay) PRASAD Scheme: Min. of Tourism Thank you so much Ma'am....
prasad scheme- ministry of tourism
fao headquarter-rome,italy
  1. Daily MCQ's for UPSC CSE 2019 By- Yasmin Gill

  2. About me Yasmin Gill BE (EEE) from UIET, PU 2014 Qualified for UPSC Mains State Rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015

  3. Instructions Go through daily current affairs before attempting these questions . As soon as the question appears, pause the video, answer the question and resume Calculate your score and write it down in the Comments section

  4. Q 1- Which among them are impacts of depreciation of currency? A. It will benefit Indian textile industry B. It will boost outbound tourism C. Prisoner's dilemma is a situation whereby RBI has to balance a rising import bill and inflation D. Depreciating currency in ndia will lead to widening of current account deficit All of these; ABD; AD; ACD;

  5. A,D To be good for textile exports, it is also necessary that we see depreciating rupee vis- -vis Chinese yuan . If Chinese yuan also weakens, then Indian exports will be impactec It will boost inbound tourism as India will now be a cheap foreign destination Prisoner's dilemma is a situation whereby RBl has to balance a EXPORT COMPETITIVENESS and inflation

  6. Prisoner's dilemma -EXPORT COMPETITIVENESS and inflation An APPRECIATING CURRENCY hits exports and makes imports cheaper . To maintain price competitiveness of Indian exports, RBI intervenes by buying USD from market and release rupee in the system by buying UsSD fromss . This release of rupee can become inflationary So, a balance has to

  7. Depreciating currency in India will lead to widening of current account deficit . Depreciating currency-Cheaper exports and expensive imports In India, imports are of essentials such as crude oil, machinery, etc. We import more than 80% of our requirements So CAD widens

  8. Q 2- Which among them is true? A. Goldman Environmental Prize is also known as Green Oscar B. Whitley Award is also known as Green Nobel C. Water Prize is awarded by Norway All of these; AB; Only C; None of these

  9. None A. Goldman Environmental Prize is also known as Green Nobel + Goldman Environmental Foundation headquartered in San Francisco, California +2017- Prafulla Samantara-Odisha- D. Kondhs Whitley Award is also known as Green Oscar + Whitley Fund for Nature (UK) + 2017- Sanjay Gubbi -work to protect Karnataka's tiger corridors, and Purnima Barman -all-female network to save the Greater Adjutant stork, known in India as Hargila, and its wetland habitat in Assam. B. C. Water Prize is awarded by Stockholm + 2015- Rajendra Singh- Tarun Bharat Sangh

  10. Q 3- Sabrimala Temple is located on banks of 1. 2. 3. 4. Periyar river Pamba river Vaigai river None of these

  11. Pamba/Pampariver . Periyar Tiger Reserve- Project Tiger -Cardamom Hills .Region covering Allapuzham and Kottayam- KUTTUNAD .Known for Below sea level rice cultivation site . Brackish waters Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems- FAO

  12. None . Min of Tourism Agartala, Tripura Kangla Fort in Imphal, Manipur -first project to be completed under Swadesh Darshan Scheme Project covers two sites i.e. Kangla Fort and Khongjom . Kangla Fort -Imphal city- Meitei rulers Khongjom -last war of resistance of Anglo Manipur War of 1891 . Swadesh Darshan scheme for development of thematic circuits in the country in a planned and prioritised manner.

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