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Cred Root Vocabulary for SBI Clerk and SSC (in Hindi)
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CRED root Vocabulary Important for competitive Exams

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Ajay Sharma
Cleared SBI & SSC. 6 + Years of teaching experience. 3 Times Best Teacher Award from Dainik Bhaskar. Expert English Faculty Director at Acce

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Sr Ji mere Pc m volme nhi aara is vedio ka
Ajay Sharma
7 months ago
Mobile me kro.. or volume bdhaao
  1. The Latin root word Cred means "Believe" Cred The ROOT-WORD is CRED which means BELIEVE. It is very easy to learn new word with the help of root vocabulary. Many of the words on the list are made with review ROOT- WORDS. That is proofthat the vocabulary is growing richer and that you know, at sight, the meanings of new words. 1. Credo n. A set of opinions, a creed

  2. The Latin root word Cred means "Believe" 2. Credible n. Able to be believed, believable 3. Incredible: n Unbelievable

  3. 4. Creed : CREED (kreed) n. A formula of faith; a set of principles 5. Credit : CRED it (kred' it) n. Value; worth 6. Creditable : CRED itable (kred' it a b'1) adj Can be believed

  4. 7. Creditably CRED itably (kred' is a blee) adv. In such a manner that something is believed 8. Discreditable : dis CRED itable (dis kred' it a b1) adj Not worthy of belief 9. Discreditably : dis CRED itably (dis kred' it a blee) adv Not believably

  5. 10. Creditor CRED itor (kred' it or) n One who loans money to another ity (kre dyu' lit ee) n. 11. credulity : CRED ul A willingness to believe easily 12. Incredulity: In CRED ulity

  6. 13. Credulous : CRED ulous (krej' u lus) adj. Inclined to believe readily 14. Incredulous : in CRED ulous (in krej' us lus) adj Not inclined to believe 15. Incredulously : in CRED ulously (in krej' u lus lee) adv. Dis-trustingly 16. Credulously : CRED ulously (krej' us lus lee) adv. Trustingly

  7. 17. Accredit : v. To recognize as acceptable for approval; as, to accredit a school 118. Accreditation n A certificate of acceptance

  8. 19. Credence n. Belief; as, he earned the credence of his creditors 20. Credibly : CRED ibly (kred' i blee) adv. Believably; plausibly