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Course overview

Bharat Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. Search me on Youtube for more videos.

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sir plus il idunna 100 mark exam qn PDF ivide koodi tharamo?
njanalla plusil edunnath..
Akhila Binu
2 months ago
OK Sir
Nithya Sudhan
2 months ago
sir nadathunna exam anu nallathu.
yeaaaaaa!! finally the most awaited course is here. thank u sir.
sir make courseon probability
sir add more if possible
  1. IIFT Exam Practice Questions Course Overview

  2. IIFT quantitative part Number system = 2-0 Arithmetic 7 10 -Algebra 2-5 - Mensuration and Geometry 4-3 -Modern Maths 5-4

  3. IIFT quantitative Part of Arithmetic Part of Algebra - Number system - Arithmetic - Algebra . Mensuration and Geometry Ratio and Proportion Simple equations - Quadratic Equation " Inequation and Inequality - Logarithms - Percentage Profit and loss -SI and C Sequence and series Average and Alligation S Time and work Time speed and distance - Modern Maths

  4. Process to learn through recorded video. 1. Read and write particular question. 2. Never watch its video solution first. 3. Solve the question. 4. Try to put as many effort as possible to get to the answer 5. Once you are done with all possibility. 6. Now watch its video solution. 7. Check your approach and my approach. 8. If you find new thing than note it and move further.

  5. Next Lesson questions If p, q and r are three unequal numbers such that p, q and r are in A.P., and p, r-q and g-p are in G.P., then p:q:r is equal to: A. 12:3 B. 2:3:4 C. 3:2:1 IIFT 2017 D. 1:3:4 If a, 4, b are in A.P. and a, 2, b are in G.P. then a, 1, b are in . . . b.G. . . . . d. none of these. If x, 2x + 2, 3x + 3 are in G. ., then the fourth term is: a. 27b. - 27 c. 27/2 d.-27/2. If p, q, r are in . . and x, y, z are in G.P. thenxq-r equal to yr-Rx zp-q is d.p+qr

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