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Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IITB | 115/120 in Maths in JEE Main (2016) | Qualified NSEA (Astronomy Olympiad) | YouTuber with over 1,26,000 subscribers.

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best source for modern history between spectrum and Tamil nadu modern history ?. for environment best source I.e last 4 chp ,Shankar,roman sir video ?. how much will be enough.
Helps a lot bhaiya also organic videos are gr8!!
each and every question photocopied from cengage and mistake in cengage is same here 4(x^2-y^2)
u haven't uploaded the Polar Form video . u have mentioned it in logarithms of complex video . pls upload it asap
  1. PLAN FOR THE CHAPTER COMPLEX NUMBERS The course will be of 19 videos covering all the concepts and topics. . Each video ranges from around 8 mins to 15 mins. Homework would be given in each video and will be discussed in the next video. All the concepts along with multiple examples will be dealt to enhance clarity. . Kindly click on the Enroll button so that you receive the notifications and there's no confusion regarding the videos. You can Rate and Review the course too. It acts as the BIGGEST MOTIVATION to keep making FREE awesome courses. ALGEBRA is best understood by practicing many questions and thus, I shall be taking multiple examples in this chapter.

  2. COMPLEX NUMBERS consists of the following parts: 1. Course Overview. 2. Definition and Basics. 3. Examples on Basics (Part 4. Examples on Basics (Part II) 5. Examples on Basics (Part IIl) 6. Square Root of Complex Numbers. 7. Geometrical Representation and Polar Form 8. Logarithm of Complex Numbers. 9. Conjugate of Complex Numbers. 10. Solving Complex Equations (Part l) 11. Solving Complex Equations (Part 12. Argument and Questions. 13. De Moivre's Theorem. 14. Cube Roots of Unity. 15. Geometry with Complex Numbers. 16. Locus Questions (Part 17. Locus Questions (Part II) 18. nth Roots of Unity. 19. Miscellaneous Questions.

  3. 7:55 7 .ll 4G unacademy Back to Plus Crash Course in Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and NEET Sachin Rana 40k followers In this course, Sachin Rana will comprehensively cover all the concepts in Organic Chemistry, which will be helpful in the exams like JEE Main and NEET. This course will serve as a complete package of Organic Chemistry for JEE Main aspirants in Class 12 and Droppers. The course will be conducted in English and the notes will also be provided in English Next Class on 25th November - 6:00 pm