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Harshita Jain is here to answer all your queries regarding English Learning. Now, you need to surf much and Unacademy is the place to get your queries answered and improving your English. Shoot up your questions now!

Harshita Jain
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When sentence begin with hardly and scarcely rule of inversion should be applied
Shradha Gangwar
a year ago
Inversion happens when we reverse tge normal word order of a structure, most commonly the subject-verb word order. For eg- a statement has the subject before the verb but to make question word order, we invert the subject and tge verb with auxiliary or modal verb before the subject. Eg- she sings Does she Sings?
hi, harshita . can please help me regrading English sentence formation . actually i am stack on my filed . ty harshita . if understand my word . that is good for my job & my life. this is my email id (
1) 'It is I who (is, am) the only friend you've got,' she told him pointedly. 2) Was it (she,her) you were talking about. 3) We have just interviewed an applicant (who,whom) the committee believes is best qualified for the position. Ma'am can u please explain me how to choose correct options from (is ,her) (she ,him) and ( who ,whom ) in above questions and how to deal with such types of questions in exam .
& i am waiting for your rply on my mail a/c . i dont need anything to you only sentence formation in English thanks, harshita jain !
how to speak English with confidence and fluency.
mam help in spoken English
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