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A crash course for iit jee main exam through PYQ (previous year questions) and most expected questions with solution and detailed explanation. Assignment Questions are also provided in each leson. Course is specially designed for learners to give an idea about "Level of exam" PREVOIUS YEAR QUESTIONS FOR IIT JEE Questions will be from IIT JEE Main syllabus as following Complex numbers Quadratic equations / Theory of equations Probability Matrices and determinants Binomial theorem and expansions Permutation and combination Principal of mathematical induction Set , Relation and Functions Trigonometry Inverse Trigonometry Solutions of triangles Trigonometric equations Height and distance Limits Continuity Derivatives or Differentiation Integration definite and Indefinite Area under curve Application of derivatives and Integration Differential equations Vector algebra 3d plane and straight lines Conic section Circle parabola ellipse and hyperbola Geometry Sequences and series Mean value theorems Intermediate value theorem And much more

Jagat Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jagat Chaudhary
Qualified IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM. Expert faculty for IIT-JEE Mathematics Courses. M.Sc. Ph.D. (MATHEMATICS) IIT Bhubaneswar.Cofounder at Aspiration

Unacademy user
Nice topic,,,,,please make to continue video .?mam
sir should i first revise all the topics and then watch this course?
Jagat Chaudhary
9 months ago
yes, please visit my profile. watch lessons, learn theory part. then you will get confidance to solve previois year problem
ok sir i will do the same
sir please make the course on trigonometry topics
Jagat Chaudhary
10 months ago
Soon I will do this. Thankyou for your suggestion Shubham👍