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This lesson explains the prerequisites for solving analogy and classification questions and also logical deduction concepts like cause and effect reasoning and statement assumption.

Nikita Jetwani
Completed MMS. worked as an intern for BSE and Yes Bank I like reading and imparting the knowledge to others.

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I am sorry.. but don't teach like that I mean that words not so important for learning spoken language......
great, dont know how ppl r missing from here
samaj nahi laga not good
  1. CAUTIONN Course Contents AN ALONG LES AHEAnN N THIS AREA F VStatement - Assumption VAnalog,y Perquisites For Analogy V Cause & Effect Reasoning Classification Nikita Jetwani

  2. About Me Pursuing my Masters in Management Studies (Mumbai) Completed my Masters in Commerce Was an intern with Yes Bank Currently working as an intern with Bombay Stock Exchange Passion for teaching and imparting knowledge that I have gathered over the years of my life end V Reach me at: https:/ Rate, recommend and share

  3. Course Overview Statement- Assumption Analogy Part 1 Analogy Part 2 Analogy Part 3 V Analogy Par V Analogy Part 4 V Cause & Effect Reasoning Cause&Effect Reasoning Classification Part 1 Classification Part 2 Classification Part 3

  4. Perquisites Squares Cubes Tables Natural numbers Prime numbers V Alphabet test (course recommended) V Concept of H.C.F

  5. Perquisites Countries And Their Capitals India's States And Their Capitals Countries And Their Currencies Instrument And Measurement Quantity And Unit V Individual And Groups Animal And Young One

  6. Perquisites Animal & Movement V Animal/Thing & Sound V Individual/Thing Class V Individual & Dwelling Place V Animal/Thing & Keeping Place Games & Place of Playing Worker & Tool

  7. Perquisites Tool & Action Worker & Working Place orker Vorking Place Worker & Product Product & Raw Material Part & Whole Relationship Pa ir Relationship Study& Topic

  8. Perquisites Word & Synonym VWord & Antonym

  9. Thank You Nikita Jetwani So let's get started with our course O