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Introductiion Some Basic Concepts Types of Vectors Addition of Vectors Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar Components of a vector Vector joining two points Section formula Product of Two Vectors Scalar (or dot) product of two vectors Projection of a vector on a line Vector (or cross) product of two vectors

Jagat Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jagat Chaudhary
Qualified IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM. Expert faculty for IIT-JEE Mathematics Courses. M.Sc. Ph.D. (MATHEMATICS) IIT Bhubaneswar.Cofounder at Aspiration

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thanks a lot sir for awesome understnading of the chapter
  1. Joint M.Sc. Ph.D. (MATHEMATICS) IIT-BHUBANESWAR IIT-EE (main+Advaneed) Follow me on unacademy RateReview VRecommend JAGAT CHAUDHARY

  2. Objectives of this course Provide Online education to students preparing for IIT-JEE Exams. Course including Concepts, lllustrations, Objectives and Subjective solved Problems.a roda Solve problems in given time f(x)dx

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE For students of Classes XI and XII. IIT JEE Exams Any competitive exam for Engineering Defence exams VF(x)

  4. Vector Algebra Scaler and Vector Quantitie:s Formation and types of vectors Algebra of vectors Direction ratios and Direction Cosines .Section formula and polygon law Dot Product and Properties Cross Product and Properties .Previous year questions

  5. IIT-JEE (main +Advanced) z ECTOR ALGEBRA