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Overview to the course( John Eastwood Grammar series)

Arushi Kulshreshth
Always believe in magic.❤ Nature, English and travel lover. A debate champion

Unacademy user
what is the law of thermodynamics? I have googled it but couldn't understand... Plz, someone explain it in simple terms...
Himanshu Sharma
3 years ago
the first law is certain statement of law of conservation of energy i.e. energy can be transferred only the second law imposes a condition in transferring of energy i.e. energy whenever transformed through some process that process will never have 100% efficiency.
Farishta :-)
3 years ago
Thanks Are u trying to say less energy is transfered at the next level?
Digvijay Singh
3 years ago
Farishta :-)
3 years ago
Am your voice is so sweet.... ☺️😍
  1. Overview of lessons

  2. Arushi Kulshreshth An IT engineering student, Oriental Bhopal Experience of conducting English workshops. eA debates champion and won several best speaker trophies. A writer, scribbler and English lover at heart. .A travel enthusiast! .An admirer of nature. Please follow, like, share and recommend!!

  3. Topics we have covered: Sentences Question Question tags Nouns prepositions Vocabulary related to preposition Modals(entire course) .Verbs tenses participles idioms on participle words

  4. Lessons overview. Topic to be covered: Adjectives adverbs and adverbials

  5. Features of the course Real life examples along with every rule. Interactive Aspects of spoken English covered at every point. Common mistakes explained at various places wherever needed

  6. Quote before the lessons I refused to believe the present circumstances are the ultimate!