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Tricks to Remember Most important GS Topics

Sandeep Kankanala
I love teaching General Knowledge with Mnemonic Tricks.Appeared IBPS ,RRB NTPC Mains .Educator at YouTube With 150K subscribers ,60lakh view

Unacademy user
Thank you sir very good video he
  1. unacademy Follow me on the Unacademy Learning App 119.8k4 Sandeep kankanala Educator since April 2018 love teaching General Knowledge with Mnemonic Tricks Appeared IBPSRRB NTPC Mains.Educator at YouTube With 150K subscribers 60lakh view Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons .Download slides and watch offline 6.8k 7 Followers Folowing Couse Message- All courses Geography GK Tricks | General Science I Indian History I Geography 43 (7 ratings Q Sandeep Kankanala Sandeep kankanala o Physics GK Tricks on Important Topics From Previous Papers 3(3 ratings) Sandeep kankanala

  2. Tricks to Remember Order of Atmosphere Layers

  3. Tricks to Remember Biodiversity Hotspots in India

  4. Tricks to Remember Important Questions on Water

  5. Vitamins

  6. VITAMINS Deficiency

  7. Vitamin A - Night Blindness . Vitamin B1 - Beri Beri . Vitamin C - Scurvy (C Curry) . Vitamin D -Rickets and Osteomalacia . Vitamin E - Musles weakness (E- Energy) . Vitamin K - Bleeding (K - Knife )

  8. Tricks to Remember Order of Metric System

  9. Order of Metric System 8.Exta Byte - Every - Highest .7.Peta Byte - Person 6.Tera Byte - That .5.Giga Byte - Gave 4.Mega Byte - Me 3.Kilo Byte - Kiss - Has . 2.Hect:a . 1.Deca Dengue - Lowest

  10. Tricks to Remember Order of Electro magnetic Waves according to Wave length

  11. Electromagnetic Waves Arranged According to their Wavelength . 1.Radiowaves (Highest) - Rec 2.Microwaves Man . 3.Ibfrared waves i1n 4.Visible Light Violet . 5.Ultravoilet - Uniform 6.X - Rays 7.Gamma(lowest) - Girlfriend

  12. Physics Important Questions

  13. Definitions :- . Total internal Reflection There is only Reflection No refraction . Refractive Index - measure of the bending of a ray of light when passing from one medium into another

  14. Isobars and Isotope:s

  15. If Lift moves Up what happens to Mass and Weight 1.Mass and Weight Remains Constant Mass Increase, Weight Decrease 3.Mass Decrease, Weight Increase . 4.Mass Constant, weight Increase

  16. Difference Mass and weight. Remember that mass is measured in kilograms, kg, and weightis measured in newtons, N. The mass of an object stays the same wherever it is,but its weight can change.

  17. Very Very Important

  18. Convex and Concave

  19. Examples:- Convex Lens - Vehicles . Street Light:s Concave Lens - Dentist ,Torch light, Vehicles Doom , Face Mirror

  20. Physical Quantity Unit of Measurement Length Mass Time Electric Current Metre Kilogram Second Ampere Ampere Current Thermodynamic Temperature Kelvin Amount of Substance Mole Luminous Intensity Candela


  22. S.No Instrument Usage An instrument for measuring the intensity of radiation, especially ultraviolet radiation. Actinometer 2 3 4 Altimeter Ammeter Anemometer An instrument used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes Measures electric current Used to measure the speed, direction and pressure of the wind Measures intensity of sound Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure Measures atmospheric pressure and conditions An optical instrument used for magnified view of Audiometer 6 Barograph 7 Barometer Binoculars distant objects. Measures infra-red (Heat) radiation Measures diameters of thin cylinder/wire. Bolometer Callipers

  23. Calorimeter Measures quantity of heat Used for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine 12 Carburettor Traces movements of the heart recorded on a Cardiograph 13 Cardiogram(ECG) Cathetometer Determines heights and levels Chronometer Determines longitude of a vessel at sea. 16 Cinematograph Used for projecting pictures on the screen Compares intensity of colours Used in generators to reverse the direction of 17 Colorimeter Commutator electric current 19 Crescograph Used for measuring growth in plants 20 Cryometer Measurement of low temperature

  24. Used for accelerating charged particles in microwave oscillator Measures change in volume of substances Coverts mechanical energy into electrical energy Measures very small but potential difference in electric currents Used for measuring electrical potential difference Detects presence of an electric Charge Used to obtain a magnifying view of very small objects (20,000 times) 21 Cyclotron Dilatometer 23 Dynamo 24 Electrometer 25 26 27 Electrometer Electroscope Electron microscope Endoscope Fathometer Fluxmeter 28 29 30 lo examine internal parts of the body Measures depth of the ocean Measures magnetic flux

  25. 41 Manometer Micrometer Microphone Microscope Nephetometer Used to measure atmospheric pressure Coverts sound waves into electrical vibration Converts sound waves into electrical signals. Used to obtain a magnified view of small objects Measures the scattering of light by particles suspended in 43 45 a liquid An instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle, to 46 Odometer measure the distance travelled Measures electrical resistance of obiects Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves(radio 47 Ohmmeter 48 Ondometer waves) 49 Optometer Used for testing the refractive power of the eye. 50 Otoscope Used for visual examination of the eardrum

  26. Periscope Used to view objects above sea level (Used in submarines) 52 Phonograph Used for reproducing sound. 53 Photometer Compares the luminous intensity of the two sources of light It simultaneously records changed in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood pressure & the respiration (used as lie detector) 54 Polygraph Pyrheliometer Used for measuring Solar radiation. 56 Pyrometer Measures very high temperature 57 Quadrant Measures altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy 58 59 60 Radar Rain Gauge Refractometer Radio, Detection and Ranging Measures Rainfall Measures salinity of solutions