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GK Tricks related to Indian History

Sandeep Kankanala
I love teaching General Knowledge with Mnemonic Tricks.Appeared IBPS ,RRB NTPC Mains .Educator at YouTube With 150K subscribers ,60lakh view

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  1. unacademy Follow me on the Unacademy Learning App 119.8k4 Sandeep kankanala Educator since April 2018 love teaching General Knowledge with Mnemonic Tricks Appeared IBPSRRB NTPC Mains.Educator at YouTube With 150K subscribers 60lakh view Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons .Download slides and watch offline 6.8k 7 Followers Folowing Couse Message- All courses Geography GK Tricks | General Science I Indian History I Geography 43 (7 ratings Q Sandeep Kankanala Sandeep kankanala o Physics GK Tricks on Important Topics From Previous Papers 3(3 ratings) Sandeep kankanala

  2. Tricks Kings who followed Buddhism

  3. Harappa Civilization Found in which places

  4. Human Beings Usage


  6. Dynasty and Its Founders

  7. Haryanka - Bimbisara . Haryanka - Bimbisar Hurry - Bomb . Trick,- When u see a "Bomb" You will Hurry UP

  8. Maurya - Chandra Gupta Maurya Marry - Chandra Gupta - Hands

  9. Sunga - Pushyamitra . Sunga - Pusyamitra * Sugarn d - Pusphu sweet smell

  10. Kushan Dynasty - Kadphises . Kushan - Kadphises . Kush Kid Fish Trick.- Kids feel Kush when they see Fishes

  11. Satavahan - Simuka Satavahan - Simuka Satellite - Sim TrickSim's work because of Satellites

  12. Kakatiya - Betaraja . Kakatiya - Betaraja Kitkat- Beta . Trick - My Beta Raja Likes Kitkat

  13. Babur - Mughal Babur - Mughal Baby Mug TrickBaby Mug

  14. Tughlak - Ghias ud din . Ghias ud din - Tughlak IAS - Tough Luck Trick - IAS is Tough it requires Luck

  15. Khilji Dynasty - Jalal ud-dirn Khilji - Jalal ud din Kill ail If u kill any person u will keep in Jail

  16. . Kanva - Vasudeva .Gupta - Vatapi . Chalukya - Pulakeshin

  17. Tricks to Remember Court Poet

  18. 1.Kalidasa - Vikramaditya Kali Viram (Free Time) Bana Bhatta - Harshavardhana If we are Harsh we will be Banned Chand Bardai Prithviraj Chauhan Chan Chan Bavabhuti Yashuvarman Yashu (Both related to Bagavan God)

  19. 3 Important Books written By Harshavardhana .Ratnavali Priyadarsika . Nagananda Trick- Harsha Very Happy (Anand) because His Girl friend Priya got Khel ratna

  20. Book Author Language Ratnavali Harshavardhana Sanskrit Priyadarsika Harshavardhana Sanskrit Nagananda Harshavardhana Sanskrit Amuktamalayada Sri Krishna Deva Raya Telugu Tuzk-l-Jahangir Jahangin Persian Babar Namah or Tuzk-e Babari Babar Chagatai

  21. Biographies of Kings Book Author Language Harsha Charita Bana Bhatt Sanskrit Akbar-Nama Abul Fazl Prithviraj chauhan Humayurn Namah Shah Namah Firdausi Persian Chand Bardai Brajbhasha Gulbadan Begum Persian Persian

  22. Other important Books Book Author Language Buddha Charitam Geet Govinda Abhigyan Shakuntalam Kalidasa Kumar Sambhava Meghdoot Malavikagnimitra Raghuvansha Mudra Rakshasa Devichan Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Ashwaghosha Jaya Deva Kalidasa Kalidasa Kalidasa Kalidasa Vishakha Datta draguptam Vishakha Datta

  23. Important Battles in the History of India

  24. Battle of Tarain . A Battle between PM & MP inTrain . 1st battle of Tarain 1 191 Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori .2nd battle of Tarain 1 192 Mohammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan

  25. . Babur went to MRI Scan to Agra ,Doctor said to Khana (Eat and Take Pani 1529- Babur Defeated Mahmud Lodi in Battle of Ghaghra 1527 - Babur Defeated Kana sunga in Battle of Khanwa 1526 - Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi Ist Battle of Panipat

  26. Foreign Invaders

  27. Foreign Invaders Invader Points to remember He was the first to invade India in 326 B.C He defeated King Porus on the banks of River helum. The battle is known as the Battle of Hydaspes. Dhana Nanda of the Nanda dynasty was in power in northern and eastern India at the time of his invasion Alexander's army mutinied, possibly at the prospect of facing a strong army of the Nandas and Alexander decided to return to Macedonia Alexander He was a Mongolian who conquered some kingdoms on the banks of River Indus in 1221 A.D. The ruler of Delhi at that time was Iltutmish Chengiz Khan He was first muslim to invade India in 712 A.D. He conquered Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus river but did not Mohammed Bin Qasim

  28. Timur Lang or Timur the Lame, was a muslim conqueror who invaded India in 1398. The ruler of Delhi at the time was Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Timur He was the ruler of Iran who invaded India in 1738. He defeated the Mughal Emperor Muhammed Shah and carried with him the Peacock throne and the Kohinoor diamond. Nadir Shalh He was the ruler of Afghanistan who invaded India several times between 1747 & 1767, the most famous being the invasion of 1761 when he defeated the Marathas in the 3rd battle of Panipat. Ahmed Shah Abdali

  29. Huien Tsang He was a Chinese traveller who visited India during the time of Harsha Vardhana. His book is called Si-yu-ki or "The Records of the Western World Alberuni A persian scholar, he accompanied Mohammed of Ghazni and wrote a book titled Tahqiq-i-hind'. He was the first mulsim scholar to study India. He is regarded as the father of Indology

  30. .Marco Polo He was a well known European traveller who visited many Eastern countries, including India. He visited Southern India where Rudramma Devi of the Kakatiyas was in power . Ibn Batuta . Ibn Batuta was a Moroccon traveller who visited India during the time of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. His account of travels is known as the Rihla.

  31. Thomas Roe . Sir Thomas Roe was an English diplomat who visited the court of Jahangir in 1615 to seek protection for an English factory at Surat. His Journal of the mission to the Mogul Empire is a valuable contribution to the history of India of the time. William Hawkins .Captain William Hawkins led the first voyage of the English East India Company to India in 1609 when Jahangir was in power. He had a personal letter from King James I of England 1609, but did not succeed in seeking Jahangir's permission to establish a factory

  32. . Rani Durgawati 1524 - 1564 A.D. Rani Durgawati ruled over Gondwana from 1548 to 1564 on behalf of her son Bir Narayan after the death of Dalpat Shah the ruler of Gondwana Mughal Emperor Akbar attacked Gondwana in 1564 ' Rani Durgawati led the battle against the invading armiy but ultimately when her defeat became imminent she killed herself choosing death to dishonour

  33. . Chand Bibi 1550 1599 A.D . Also known as Chand Khatun or Chand Sultana. She was the daughter of Hussain Nizam Shah I of Ahmednagar . She was married to Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur, who was murdered by his own men. . She acted as the Regent of Bijapur (1580-90) and Regent of Ahmednagar (1596-99) When Ahmednagar was invaded by the Mughals in 1595, she defended it successfully