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In this overview I (Barkha Agrawal) have tried to give a short description of all my lessons which I have covered in the entire course .In my course I will teach you all how to attempt questions of DIRECT/INDIRECT in exam with hundered percent accuracy.I have also covered all the areas which are important for examination purpose.

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Barkha Agrawal
#Educator & category expert at Unacademy# I am a freelance and an international educator and have been into online teaching for 4+ years.I

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I already know direct n indirect speech. can you something new teach us
I am training my daughter for NIFT exam. I saw your video. I am very impressed on your style of teaching and having very clear concepts. How can I get complete set of your videos on English course for competitive exams . Regards D Madhukar Rao 9811816889
ma'am, could you please make course on statistics covering topic like skewness,moment & kurtosis , correlation and regressions,probability theory,sampling theory,analysis of variances,time series analysis,index number,random variable and probability distribution, statistical inference, theory of attributes
thanks ma'am these videos of your course help a lot in my study
Mam....Please upload these all Lecture of Narration on YouTube Please.......It is a humble request....Please....


  3. ABOUT ME BARKHAAG RAWAL BSc in STATISTICS Debate enthusiastic IBPS pre + mains qualified CAT and MAT (98+ and 87+ percentile) Follow me on unacademy RATE, REVIEW and SHARE

  4. Direct and indirect speech Direct speech- It is the statement by the speaker. Indirect speech- The statement by the third person who is not the third person.

  5. Example- Direct-> He said to me, "Ram has solved all the questions". Indirect-> He told me that Ram had solved all the questions.

  6. Golden rule Indirect narration maintains the meaning of the sentence of direct narration, structure may change.

  7. Example- Direct-> | said, "You have done very well" Indirect-> I said that he had done very well (as told earlier indirect speech, third person involved).

  8. Golden rule Active and passive voice => Tense does not change. Direct and indirect speech => Tense changes.