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This lesson is an overview to the course called exchange rate in India.

Surabhi Agrawal
Rank 358 UPSC 2018, Chartered accountant and company secretary with 4 All India ranks, passionate learner and above all a positive soul.

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thanks a lot mam. you make my life easier 💐
greatful course thank you mam. one help I not stady current affairs properly . presently I what's stady vision monthly magzine or unacadmdy summary confusing your suggestions some tips mam.
Surabhi Agrawal
2 years ago
You can read Unacademy summary
thank you mam
Moses Dt Manchong
5 months ago
maam i have been folwing every lesson of ya economy course.. thank you so much for the good work.. please cover.....stock market, wto, imf, financial market, public sector undertakings, poverty... ya teaching is really unique n helpful for someone who is weak in economics..
millions tqs ma'am please continue... really helpful
  1. EXCHANGE RATE IN INDIA Presented by Surabhi Agrawal

  2. About Myself . A Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary (CS) by Qualification, I love teaching and Public speaking 2. Have secured All India rank 34th and 25th in CA IPCC and Final respectively. 3. UPSC aspirant. 4. Follow me:

  3. Topics to be covered Basics of demand and supply - Determination of exchange rate * Exchange rate management systems - NEER, REER . Exchange rate determination in India