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Course Overview named Governor General and Viceroy of India (in Tamil)
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Brief history of Governor General and Viceroy of India, Various events, Chronology of British rule

S Vijay Jagadeesh
YouTube-Victor Growth IAS | UPSC CSE Interview TWiCE |Current Affairs,Geography,History,Polity,Economics,IR.

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plz create part 1 of history class 8
  1. About Me . B.Tech in Petro Chemical from Anna University ' Cleared 5 Prelims and Two Mains and appeared Two times in Civil Service Interview IAS Mentor since 2010 . Specialist in Geo, Polity, History, Economic Survey, Current Affairs S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  2. Rules of My Videos Its not movie, u watch and go. Sit like you in classroom with note books Take notes as I give more information than what is in the slides . Comment your doubts , I will clarify as early as possible S VIJAY JAGADEESH 2

  3. Governor General By S Vijay Jagadeesh

  4. Course Overview .All the Governor General Important Events Wars Annexation Rules and Regulation Press Freedom Education development Congress formation Bengal Partition . 1857 Revolt S VIJAY JAGADEESH 4

  5. Course Overview Local Government Non cooperation movent . Simon Commsiion Nehru Report Govt India Act 1935 August offer Cripps Mission .Cabinet mission Independence S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  6. .Revise... Thank You S VIJAY JAGADEESH