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Course Overview (in Malayalam)
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Hi Friends,this is Praseena. Started career as a software engineer and now active in online coaching for Kerala PSC exams.

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Marvellous notes for geography
thacud ayya note edanam
10 months ago
Already add cheythittund...
Weldon , Perfectly explained, keep going 👍
a year ago
Thank you
  1. KERALA RENAISSANCE Presented by Praseena

  2. PRASEENA Pust Graduate in Computer Applicatinn . Worked as a Software Engineer . Worked as a Competitive Exam Trainer Currently working as a online Competitive Exam Trainer Interests : Video Blogging, Teaching, Traveling and Photography etc. Rate, Review, COMMENT & Share Follow me:

  3. Target Audience KAS Exam(Kerala Administrative Service) . PSC Degree Level Exam (Secretariat Assistant, University Assistant etc.) HSST LD clerk LGS exam Any one who wants to know more about Kerala Renaissance


  5. KERALA RENAISSANCE This course is about Kerala Renaissance. In this course mainly discussing about the social reformation movements and the leaders. The history of Kerala has hot shaped by the influence of various cultures. Even though, a number of events and people contributed for the social reformation movements in Kerala, it would be worth to note down the most important incidents/ people recorded in the history of the state.

  6. Synopsis Leaders of Kerala Renaissance . Kuriakose Elias Chavara . Vaikunda Swamikal . Kumaran Asan . Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi . Mannath Padhmanabhan Thycaud Ayya Brahmananda Sivayogi Chattampi Swamikal Sree Narayana Guru Ayyankali Swadeshabhimani Poikavil Yohannan . Pandit K.P.Karuppan . . .Madhavan . K.Kelappan . Dr. Palpu . Barrister G.P.Pillai V.T.Bhattathirippad