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Course Overview ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed overview of course. What we will going to learn through this unit.

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Anirudh Walia
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sir earlier u have provided the ans c( content mastery and reactive) for question 3 ..
sir plz reply, i found ur profile today , ur courses look awesome, sir my physics and chemistry is almost prepare but im very weak in maths i had not practiced anything as i dont found a maths teacher before, but today i founded ur profile, sir i request u plz can u tell me which of ur courses in maths i should do so as to score minimum 60 marks in jee main , sir i have 20 days in my hand and my target is jee main only, ur profile has so many awesome courses , so im confused, plz plz plz plz can u tell me which of ur course covers all maths lessons important questions for jee main after doing that i can solve most questions in jee main plz help, im ready to work hard in maths, hope u will tell in detail , thanks a lot for all hardwork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........................
sir please tell me about three cases of electron gain enthalpy
sir how to rise interest in chemistry subject?
sir I have watched all videos of periodic table nd prepared notes also . I have revised all concepts nd I thought for solving questions but sir when I started solving questions ifelt very sorry nd guilty because I was not able to solve questions correctly.most of my answers were wrong . sir plzz suggest me how to solve questions sir plzzz...
sir classifications of elements ke questions nahi zam rahe hai kya karu sir please reply
  1. Classification of elements & Periodicity in properties Unit 3 JEE Main + Advanced Class XI Chemistry with Anirudh Walia

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  3. Classification of elements & Periodicity in properties Unit 3 JEE Main + Advanced Class XI Chemistry with Anirudh Walia

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  5. unacademy xplon Home Plus aniruch Login Signup Anirudh Walia VERIFIED Follow B.Tech, VIT Vellore I Working with Unacademy since 2016 I Youtuber Channel Name->Anirudh Walia,88k+ Subscribers & 5.2million+ views 51,514 Views in last 30 days N 467,140 Lifetime Views 25 Courses 9.2k Followers 3 Following Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry We will discuss about: Unit - 1 Class 11 Chemistry Atomic Structure Unit 2 How much tine to spend on a question? Which subject to attempt first? Common problems Class XI JEE Main +Advanced Special Tips for Chemistry, Physics Handwritten Notes detailed explanation By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia (Hindi) Atomic Structure (Unit 2): JEE (Hindi) Last Minute Tips for JEE (Hindi) Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  6. Gist of student- feedback Satyam Chaudhary Mantasha reviewed on March 09,2018 Mantasha Vinit Rai reviewed on March 08,2018 reviewed on February 08, 2018 reviewed on March 12,2018 Way Of Teaching Awesome.... You Are The Best Teacher I Ever See Sir your teaching style is awesome!! Keep making more such videos for neet too sir you are just awesome love u sir thnakyouAnirudh walia sir is best for chemistry so much sir.. you are best teacher of Awesome course as usual Twinkle William Nitin Yadav Prabhat Kedia la Tripathi reviewed on March 15, 201 reviewed on March 02, 2018 reviewed on March 15,2018 reviewed on March 15,2018 ir U r doing so w just aw I am now confident about my physical chemistry portion as it was the weakest point in chemistry for me. Heartily thanks to anirudh sir is just awesome guru he makes concepts so clear and most beautiful thing is his friendly nature which teaching which connects our mind and soul with hm, thank u sir. u are so real that we Loved it Best revision course in physical chemistry ever. Thank you sir cause chemistry is the subject in which I score the least ell. students feel connected with you, n Sir for making me confident and cocepts looks ike an interesting game.hank u sir conceptually clear in my weak portion. genuinely thanks from core of my heart It

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