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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In this overview I (Barkha Agrawal) have tried to give a short description of all my lessons which I have covered in the entire course .In my course I will teach you all how to attempt questions of active/passive in exam with hundered percent accuracy.

Barkha Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Barkha Agrawal
#Educator & category expert at Unacademy# I am a freelance and an international educator and have been into online teaching for 4+ years.I

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THANK YOU MAM @@@!!!@@!!@@
very nice mam.... mazzaa aa gya . plz create a course on direct and indirect narration also .
men do you have any FB group where I can post my questions
thank you so much ma'am
Hello Barkha, You are doing very good work for CGL aspirants. You made a minor mistake in your bio. It is 'decent not 'descent'. by the way, nice teacher you are.'
I remember them taking me to the zoo change into passive voice
Krunal badhiya
a year ago
they are remembered taking me to the zoo by me.

  2. ABOUT ME NAME BARKHA AGRAWAL BSc in STATISTICS Debate enthusiastic CAT & MAT(98+ and 87+ percentile) IBPS pre + mains qualified Follow me on unacademy. RATE,REVIEW and SHARE

  3. Target audience SSC mains 2017 aspirants SSC pre 2018 aspirants


  5. Following topics will be covered in the following course: Recognition of sentence Active voice or passive voice

  6. Important Transformation rules ACTIVE -> PASSIVE PASSIVE -> ACTIVE

  7. Different uses of let, bid, help and make: Let ->in the sense of request. Eg: let me play. Let -> in the sense of suggestion. Eg: let us organize a party.