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Shrenik Jain is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shrenik Jain
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Ashrayam nirashryam alle sir
  1. CHE 150.6k views 4.8 13 16 12 20 Shrenik Jain #1 Educator in GATE (General Aptitude) YouTuber Teaching experience 3 years+ 8.9k 10 62 E&TC Engineer, Top unacademy educator 2017, Followers Following Courses

  2. Plus courses Plus Complete Course on Engineering Mathematics with PYQs for GATE 2019 Shrenik Jain Apply by Oct 29 5,600 Lists (1) HINDI GATE (General Aptitude) Engineering Mathematics by Shrenik Jain for GATE (General Aptitude) 20 Shrenik Jain o All courses (62) ENGLISH Fourier Series Laplace Transform - GATE Questions 5.0 (1 ratings) Shrenik Jain

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  4. Shrenik's Feed Shrenik Jain 22 Oct at 09:35 am .9 Laplace of r(t) is? 1/(sA2) e*(4) 1/s 0% 0% 0% 0% 0 attempt 0 correct, 0 incorrect 1 question

  5. unacademy Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that is the sum of the numbers on the two dice is eight? ASnutosn Gaurav. ivie Jyotiranjan Sahoo: Me Jyotiranjan Sahoo: Pata tha Alka Sinha: Yes sir Kesav Kumar: a Alka Sinha: 5/36 Satyam Kumar: a Krati Chaursia: a Jyotiranjan Sahoo: A IME: GATE-2002] (a)5/36 (b) 5/18 (c) 14 You can only comment during a live class.

  6. Course Name - *Simplifying Concepts of Probability for GATE 2019* Link /simplifying-concepts-of-probability-for-gate -2019/SC4TCALP Enrolment start time 12 Noon on 29th September 2018 Enrolment close time 1:30 PM on 29th September 2018 No. of Seats 1000 *Registrations* open at 12 Noon, 29th September for a few minutes. Live Class-*1st October 2018, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM* Plus Simplifying Concepts of Probability for GATE 2019 Shrenik Jain Applications closed on Sept 29 7unacademy

  7. OBJECTIVE Teach al Prepare yourselfimportant topic as for GATE EXAM per GATE point of view. Providing tips tricks and perfect steps to solve any problem

  8. TARGET AUDIENCE ALL students appearing for GATE exams.

  9. Share -5 comments 59 likes HINDI Differential Equations (Hindi) Differential equations: [ COMPLETE GUIDE ] Follow Shrenik Jain 9.3k Followers Edit review 4.9(84 ratings) Overview of the Course (in Hindi) Playing 01 Lecture 1: Basics of differential equations (in Hindi) 11:14 02 Lecture 2: Variable separable method (in Hindi) 03 12:20 Lecture 3: GATE questions part1 (in Hindi) 09:24 04

  10. OVERVIEW of the TOPICS 1) Homogeneous Differential Equation. 2) Non Homogeneous -Differential Eqn. 3) Linear Differential Equation. 4) Variable separable Differential Eqn. 5) Differential Eqn Vs Laplace Transform. 6) Cauchy Differential Equation. 7) Exact Differential Equation. 8) Partial Differential Equation

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