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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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We all are sociologists!

Vandana Nehra

Unacademy user
Vandana Nehra
2 years ago
your welcome Abhishek do not forget to share the course :)
  1. Course overview . This course is specifically for those who are - First things first-"the optional for the upcoming - Also this course will help you to understand preparing for CSE 2018 is not going anywhere" society in general (Specifically if you are into any kind of social activism I will be covering sociology from the very basics i.e- Ncerts, B.A sociology and finally M.A sociology correlating the concepts with the contemporary issues and problems in the society

  2. Sociology from the basics - Target audience - Upsc aspirants and anyone who is interested in knowing how society functions, how it makes or breaks an individual Since this is CSE oriented, lessons are designed from CSE exam perspective. Optional is really important for CSE, hence one should focus really well onto this. Our job is to learn any topic religiously(this will always help you be it any examination of your life)

  3. Do'sand dont' s When you start your prepration of sociology, please keep faith in yourself and also upon your educatortoo Ittakes a lot of time for us to prepare one lesson.Therefore - " notes given over here would be thoroughly researched and prepared.However you can always give your valuable suggestions at the end of lesson. Once you watch the lesson, sit back and take a break for some time - Afterwards Revise the gist of lesson along with self studying.(this is sufficient) If you dont understand anything, you can always reach out to me over my facebook profile which is by the same name. .

  4. Now comes the most important thing while you prepare for sociology- DONT JUMP ONTO CONCLUSIONS, SOCIOLOGY IS EASY BUT IT WILL MAKEYOURTHINKING MORE CRITICAL. Also keep patience while you understand a particular topic. WE ALL ARE SOCIOLOGIST , ALL WE NEED IS TO ENLIGHTEN OUR MIND.