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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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Course Overview (in Hindi).

Sanjeev kumar
BE (electrical and electronics engineering) , Two times gate qualified (2017, 2018),Two years of teaching experience.

Unacademy user
Sir, Many many thanks aapnake
great effort sir ji.....👍👍👍
Sanjeev kumar
10 months ago
thank you, and don't forget to check out my other course.
  1. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Gate 2018 Solutions

  2. Presented by: Sanjeev Kumar /sanjeev.kumar92ex-8099

  3. Exam Paltesn ection Lo (neutral Aph Judi T L to 5 [Lmarks 6 do lo L markes ecin TT[55 Scanned by CamScanner

  4. In the logic circuit shown in the figure, Y is given by (A) Y = ABCD (C) Y=A+B+C+D (B) Y- (A + B)(C + D) (D) Y- AB + CD

  5. A B Sudh Ta ble (WAwd) 010 Scanned by CamScanner