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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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It gives an overview of this course including the contents of course and prerequisites to be covered before starting this course.

Shubham Kumar
I have done B.Tech, IIT Delhi (in Mechanical engineering). I have been teaching physics to JEE and NEET aspirants for three years.

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Kavya S P
7 months ago
Welcome :(
Kavya S P
7 months ago
ye aiims ke liye bhi helpful h kya
sirji aaj pahle baar pta cha ki kase ka hrr chapter ek dusre se related hai.
Sir,are the lessons in this course enough to clear all the concepts of JEE MAINS?
Sir, can u plzz make videos on wave motion ??
  1. How To GET THE BEST OUT oF TMIS CoURSE ?? Understand the Concept, don't mug hose up Pause on examples and try to think how to solve those . Solve the assignments recommended afler every lesson Do extra prachce as max. as possible

  2. A bout thig Courge OScillationg Simple Harmonc Motion (SHM) condi tiong ?? OVERVIEW Parameter, of SHM and their meaning Motion of a parkcle in SHM Ana logy to uniform Cirular MoHon

  3. Finding time period of SHM stratesy Spring mass systems .other cases of SHAM Simple Phyca adtorsiona Pendulums Energy in SHM Superposition of SHMs d torsion

  4. PRE-RESUISITES Basies of Trigonometry Basic differen tiation About spring force, F=-kx Calculation of Torque about a point