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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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Hello students.... In this course we discuss the measure of Central tendency and dispersion which are important part of statistics there are many kinds of tendency such as mean median and mode etc. By- Mathematical Guruji

Abhishek Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Sharma
✔️ IIT-JEE (Advanced) Qualified | B.Sc, M.Sc (Mathematics) | Mentor of IIT-JEE | 7+ years of Teaching Experience | Mathematical Guruji on YT

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സർ ടെലെഗ്രാമിൽ ചാനെൽ ചെയ്യുന്നുണ്ടോ
Yes, number തന്നാൽ add ചെയ്യാം.
Khadeeja Khasim
a year ago
അതിൽ പ്രീവിയസ് question idumo?
  1. MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY& DISPERSION Prepared by - Abhishek Sharma (Mathematical Guruji) Follow on Unacademy : htip:/

  2. About Me SHS Abhishek Sharma (MG) M.Sc. in Mathematics Mentor of IIT-JEE &Foundation I'm teacher and have more than 6 years of experience. I love teaching and keen to discover new things. YouTube Channel- Mathematical Guruji Please Rate, Review & Recommend my 6 lessons.

  3. Topics Covered: Introduction Arithmetic Mean Geometric Mean Median Mode Measure Of Dispersion

  4. Variance skewness Points at the Glance

  5. Course Highlights:- Concept explained in easiest possible way Basic foundation for strong preparation Cover previous Years Question of JEE MAIN &ADAVANCE Special Short tricks Practice Question Sheet 100 % success with minimum effort

  6. Syllabus Cover: JEE Main JEE Advance Defence exam Board exam Other entrance exam

  7. Target Audience: Class 11th and Class 12th students JEE Mains and Advance Aspirants Droppers Engineering Aspirants Defence Aspirants Mathematics Lovers

  8. OUR AIM Prepare this course for School Exams as well as Competitive Exams like IIT- JEE and NDA. Follow on Unacademy: