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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In This lesson there will be introduction of question tags and discussion of course structure.

Shalini Bhatt
Unacademy VERIFIED ✔ and Star Educator⭐having 4 years teaching experience, done BSC honours and cleared IBPS clerk pre and SSC CGL pre

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  1. SHALINI BHATT Teaching experience of 4 BSC Honours (English educator) years. Hobbies Reading novels, writing, painting

  2. Question Tags Presented by: SHALINI BHATT

  3. QUESTION TAG Question tag are used when asking for agreement or confirmation. A positive statement + A negative tag

  4. QUESTION TAG STATEMENT TAG Positive(+ve Negative (+ve Negative[ Positive Eg-. She is working Isn't she? She is not working. Is she?