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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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About Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, Rivers, and Mountains 🗻 🗻🗻

Yatharth Gairola
Hidden Gem Awardee (Unacademy Monthly Award). Sophomore @BITSPilani (330/450 in BITSAT). AIR-3493 in JEE-Mains. NSEA Qualified (AIR ~ 250)

Unacademy user
For 1st question, why can't granite can be the answer as it is also igneous rock?
Suchandra samanta
10 months ago
cause here asking for extrusive igneous rock.. so that's why the answer will be basalt
Sanjay Adhikary
8 months ago
thank you for your explanation
Tushar panigrahi
5 months ago
igneous is further classified into 1. plutonic: magma cooled at very large depths (eg: granite) 2. Hypabyssal: Magma cooled near to surface (eg: Dolerite) 3. Volcanic: Magma cooled at Surface of Earth (eg: Basalt) so question asked was for Surface cooled magma... hence Basalt is appropriate Hope it helps.... ✌