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August current affairs 2018 overview)

Krishan Kumar
a am krishan Kumar g. n. m General nursing and midwifery 3 years course teaching 2 years

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relationship between India and Bhutan - Bhutan is an important neighboring country of India. it is a buffer state between India and China, which gives it an importance for India. Bhutan is the most friendly country of India. it has huge Hydro-Electricity potential plus it always is helping in managing the insurgents. India has always been a good friend to a Bhutan. some consider ti to be Big Brother. relation starts in 1910 with the PUnakha treaty between Bhutan and British India govt. which gives Foreign affairs to India. 1949 friendship treaty also gives nod to the relation. the 2007 India Bhutan treaty allows Bhutan to manage it's foreign affairs but India still holds a strong Position in them and provides a lot of assistance in many sectors to Bhutan like Assistance in Five year plans, in Hydropower cooperation, the Biggest trade partner, Electoral Cooperation, Educational and cultural cooperation and many more. these all shows the strong relation b/w the two neighbors. now the Doklam conflict among the three nations i.e Bhtan, China and India. which actually became a indo-sino conflict, given to the cooperation of India and Bhutan in the security arena. Indian diplomacy of securing the Bhtanese territory and keeping the China away worked well in the case. the strong hold of hands of two nations showed the china that they are not going to succeed in creating havoc in the region. the decision of china to take the troop back and Indian side standing firm on it's words proved the success of the relation and diplomacy of Indian side. thus this can be said that India Bhutan hold a strong bilateral relation and this was again proved by the Doklam case.
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