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Course overview (in Hindi )
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In this lesson I am going to list all the topics that we will study In this course.

Jitendra jangir from CSE branch ,having more than 4 years teaching experience ,my courses will help you to understand different programming languages

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sir aap pura syllabus ka video daliyega
Sir c++ for class 12
  1. course overview Unit 1: Object Oriented Programming with Python REVIEW: Python covered In Class-X Concept of Object Oriented Programming: Data Hiding, Data Encapsulation, Class and Object,

  2. course overview Polymorphism, inheritance, advantages of Object Oriented Programming over earlier programming methodologies, Classes: Defining classes (attributes, methods), creating instance objects, accessing attributes t 1 .itt tl and methods, using built in class

  3. course overview | attributes (dict, doc, name, module, bases), Constructor( -init() , del()--and-, str(),-) methods in a class, private attributes (imited support), importance of "self" (acts as a pointer to current calling object) operator overloading with

  4. course overview Inheritance: - Concept of base class and derived class: Single, multilevel and multiple inheritance- Overriding methods, using super) in derived class to invokeLinit) or overridden methods of parent class.

  5. course overview Unit 2: Advance Programming with Python Linear List Manipulation: Sequential allocation, traversal,insertion of an element in a sorted list, deletion of an element from the list, searching (inear, binary), sorting (insertion, selection,bubble).

  6. course overview Stacks (List Implementation): Introduction to stack (LIFO Operations ), operations on stack (PUSH and POP) and its implementation in python. Converting expression from infix to postfix notation and evaluation of postfix expression.

  7. course overview Queues (List implementation) - Introduction to Queue(FIFO) Operations on Queue (INSERT and DELETE) and its implementation in Python. Data File Need for non bold for data file, types of data file-text and

  8. course overview | binary, opening and closing Tlesopen .), close(), access modes (output, input, default), file object, access modes, reading and writing a file Read), readline), readlines), write(), writeliness file positions (seek), tell)), renaming and deleting a file.,flush);

  9. course overview Implementation of basic file operations on text and binary file in Python: Creating/writing data into file, reading and displaying data from file, searching for particular data from a file, insertion and deletion of data from an already existing file, modification of data in file.

  10. course overview Error and Exceptions-NameError, IndexError, TypeError, IO Error, ImportError, ValueError, EOFError. Generator function using Yield