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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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So how Harry became a great magician at Hogwarts! Oh yes it's all literature around.

Vandana Nehra

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  1. What is Literature Any account written is considered to be literature.However that would be a parochial definition for this vast territory. So, Literature can be broadly defined in two directions-Broad and narrow.

  2. Going by definiton The broad definition incorporates everything that has been written down in some form or another i.e. All the writeen manifestations of a culture (hence there are terms such as "research literature" , the literature of civil rights etc etc.)

  3. Criteria to distinguish the literary from the non literary texts! fictionality specialised language lack of pragmatic function ambiguity

  4. Aim of Literature To give pleasure To record man's ideas and ideals To fire our imagination To arouse our noble, unselfish emotions, moral aspirations and values To mirror life

  5. Essentials for English Literature To begin with english literature, you should always start with the easier text. Harry potter - fantasy literature is considered to be the (a,b,c,d) of english literature. You can also read Agatha christie's novels And sidney sheldon's novels as well Also while starting a text you should always begin it with the some research, for example begin with the author's life and the historical background of the makes easier for you to relate the story of novel with.

  6. Books which are important for you to have a glance uporn Middle march by george eliot Great expectations by charles dickens or Hard times by him Animal farm by george orwell, also 1984 by him again Jane eyre by charlotte bronte Any novel by jane austen( I read pride and prejudice) . . And if you have interest in drama, we all know where to look upon - William shakespeare but believe me, theatre is much more than shakespeare9though i began reading his drama at first)

  7. Word of the day . Phantom- dreamy, illusion. Let the cat out of bag- to accidentally reveala secret.