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Course Overview and Index of this Course (in Hindi)
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This is a overview of course and you can get the index of this course from this lesson

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Kumar Ketan
#Specialisation in Electronics #6 years teaching experience #Physics Faculty in Kota #"magical education" (211k+ subs) #Writer

Unacademy user
very useful sir.....
Anand Gupta
3 years ago
Thank u Saket
Sir kvpy question is similar with jee main, advanced, neet or not plz tell me
Kumar Ketan
6 months ago
Both have their own pattern
sir plz aise hi high weightage chapters ka crash course karaye na plz sir
Kumar Ketan
7 months ago
Bhut saare crash course run kr rhe h, aap profile pr visit kro.... Aur Abhi revision Kra rha hu to revise BHi Krte rho
Yash Dahiphale
7 months ago
thanks sir
sir please course jaldi complete kr digiyeg 🙏🙏🙏🙏 and thanku sir for this useful video🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
thank you sir.. please jaldi khatm kar dijiye ga na..please sir..aur 2 months baki hai sir..:(:(

  1. unacademy 62.9k views 4.8 Kumar Ketan Follow me on the Unacademy #15 Educator in IIT JEE #6 years teaching experience #IIT JEE Physics #YouTuber 'magical education" (170k+ subs) #Unacademy educator (60k+ lifetin eviews) 3k 2 37 Followers Following Courses Get updates about new courses . Watch all my lessons . Download slides and watch offline Message Lists (1) Kumar Ketan HINDI IT JEE Physics by Kumar Ketan for IT JEE 52 saves Kumar Ketan

  2. Ray Optics and Wave Optic:s Ray Optics or Geometric Optics - -Refraction at Curved Surface Reflection Laws of Reflection Reflection by Plane Mirror Reflection from a Spherical Mirror Sign Conventions Mirror Formula Refraction Laws of Refraction Apparent Depth Lens Lens Maker's Formula Limitations of Lens Maker's Formula Power of the Lens Combination of the Lenses Silvering of Lenses Change of Focal Length of a Lens Prism Minimum Deviation - Lateral Shift due to slab - Dispersion Total Internal Reflection Application of TIR Dispersive Power Optical Instruments Microscope & Telescope

  3. Wave Optics - Wavefront Huygens Principle Change in Wavelength and Velocity - Coherent Sources Phase difference and Path difference - Interference Young's Double Slit Experiment Intensity Distribution Condition for Sustained Interference Pattern Interference in Thin Films Diffraction of Light -Polarisation of Light Angle of Polarisation - Brewster's Law - Malus's Law