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Course Introduction
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This is a course introduction where the content which is covered in the whole course is talked about. For more courses visit my profile at

Student of B.Tech (ME). Solving problems and helping people to find easiest method to learn is what I do.

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  1. Crash Course On Electromagnetic Theory For CSIR- NET BY: AARASI

  2. ABOUT ME Final year B.Tech student in Mechanical Engineering A designer, fluent in Solidworks, CATIA softwares CSIR Aspirant Hobbies: reading novels, swimming

  3. Content To Be Covered ' Gauss' Law and its applications Laplace and Poisson equations, boundary value problems Biot-Savart law, Ampere's theorem, electromagnetic induction Maxwell's equations in free space and linear isotropic media Boundary conditions on fields at interfaces 'Scalar and vector potentials; Gauge invariance Electromagnetic waves in free space, dielectrics, and conductors Reflection and refraction, polarization, Fresnel's Law, interference, coherence, and diffraction Dispersion relations in plasma Lorentz invariance of Maxwell's equations Transmission lines and wave guides Dynamics of charged particles in static and uniform electromagnetic fields Radiation from moving charges, dipoles and retarded potentials.