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Course Introduction and Pedagogy
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Introduction to the course. Discussion on course objectives & pedagogy.

Anupam Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

Unacademy user
Hello sir , From where do you download the questions of CAT ? Sir the way you teach is amazing Thank you sir .
Anupam Mishra
a month ago
Thanks for appreciating Vidhyansha. 🙂 There are many books online/offline from where one can get the previous year CAT questions. I usually check multiple sources to ensure accuracy.
Anupam Mishra
a month ago
DM for more details.
Hello Sir, This question might be out of context here, but i see queries regarding CAT here, so i thought to post it here only. I am facing these two particular issue in my verbal section, Firstly, i'm usually done reading a para within 4-5 mins but i end up wasting too much time on questions(like another 5-7 mins) and eventually run out of time towards the end. Secondly, 90% of the time i'm down to like final 2 options and always end up selecting the wrong one, this in turn reduce my accuracy to almost 50 to 60%. I have attempted a good number of mocks but this trend seems to be continuous, with last 30 days left this is taking on my nerves! could you please address to them? Thankyou.
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Hey Ruchin. Yes, I can definitely try to address these. There are a couple of practice methods that have helped some students with similar problems. DM me on the app itself. We'll discuss those.
Sir. You're great. I just saw your videos on algebra and idioms and they are great. I was looking for online coaching for CAT as 30-40k is alot of money to spend on coachings. After your videos i think i can learn only from here. I'll be following and watching each of your video. please continue making necessary videos so that i can score as good as you did. Thankyou
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Thanks a lot for the appreciation Gulshan. Feels good to know that the lessons have been helpful. 🙂
And yet one more new course from your side. Great approach to start the preparation with previous years questions, which would further help to get some idea about what to expect in actual CAT paper. Have also attended your other courses as well. And have found them really innovative, informative and helpful. Thank you for coming up with such really good courses.
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Thanks a lot Maitri. I'm glad I could add some value. ????
Hi sir , I am a working professional and I will take CAT 18. I am following your lectures from last one month and I think they are great. Could you please come up with lectures on 1. PnC and Probability 2. Any tips or strategy about which questions to attempt and which ones to leave . I have taken a few mocks and I am scoring very low . Major reason of that being my low attempts of questions . Sir could you please help me on this.
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Hi Chajju. Yes I'll definitely come up with lectures on PnC & Probability. Text me about the 2nd point. I do have some tips for you.
Chajju nama
a year ago
Thank you sir , My biggest turn downs are in verbal section and in LR DI , I am unable to figure out which set to attempt and which not to . Again I usually end up wasting 5-6 mins on a LR DI set without any go ahead on them . Please suggest .

  2. Brief Introduction Batch of 201 8 IIM Lucknow CAT 2015 99.66 Overall. (VA: 99.92, OA: 99.03) Worked as Verbal as well as Quant Faculty at IMS, Career Launcher etc. Delivered 1500+ lectures over 2 years. 5 Letters of Recommendation in total across these institutes. ANUPAM U MISHRA Enfield enthusiast. #solo cross-country trips.

  3. QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE COURSES FOR CAT Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 The CONCEPT Series The P.Y.O Series The 20.10.05 Series

  4. THE P.Y.Q SERIES COURSE COVERAGHE 1994-2008 & 2009-2017 (24 Years); 800+ Questions MODULE TOPICS 1994-2008 2009-17 Set theory Functions Percentage, P & L, TS & D, Time & Work. 24 60 118 27 76 67 42 110 56 580 16 21 30 10 50 28 2 3 4 Average, Ratio & proportion, Alligations 5 Numbers 6Algebra Logarithms, Sequence & Series. 8 Geometry & Mensuration 9 P & C, Probability. 56 TOTAL 236

  5. COURSE OBJECTIVE & PEDAGOGY To take you all through more or less all types of questions that have been asked in CAT so far, across all Quant Topics. Yellow Category: Easy Questions. Can be solved in 30-45 seconds max. To create a Repository that has all Quant questions classified into 3 categories namely: Yellow, Green, Red. Basically, Easy, moderate, & difficult. Green Category: Moderate Questions. Can be solved in less than 120 seconds. Red Category Difficult Questions. Can take more than 120-140 seconds to solve. To discuss multiple ways & tricks of solving these Qs, if there are any To have you develop problem-solving ability without having studied any theory.

  6. EXPECTATIONS FROM STUDENTS To not just watch these videos but also solve these questions by themselves. MY QUANT REPOSITORY To create a Quant question repository of your own And most importantly to take things a bit on the lighter side.

  7. LESSON FLOW olution (8 Tricks if any) Question classificatio Summary List of Questions. Question anks " (notable concepts, tricks etc.) Repeat for every Question (4-6)

  8. Thanks! Kindly rate & review the course. And provide your valuable feedback. YOU CAN FIND ME AT: Any questions?