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Course Intro. and Question : #1 & #2 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll discuss on the introduction of this course firstly and then we'll solve question #1 & #2 from the question paper of IIT JEE MAINS 2018 Set A

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Kumar Ketan
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sir aisa surprise mat diya kro corbett national bank google v fail ho gya
goood mrng sir... sir aap ab jo hoga jan me nd april me uske b krwayenge na sir humare neet se phle... 30 questns.... nd sir i want to ask ki jo ye exam tha phle 2018 tk wo offline and online mode m hota tha ye offline mode ka paper h ryt na sir.... agr mujhe online paper wale questns b chahiye toh me kha se lu sir koi site h kya jaha se ye paper download ho jaye ek sth saare so that ki me pdf bnake solve krti rhu unhe...
Kumar Ketan
9 months ago
Jitne bhi online exams hote h Unke paper apko Khi bhi mileage, mere pass kuch collections h Lekin bhut Jyada time Lgega Unko HR ek chapter se nikalna me to Mai ek course bna De rha hu apke liye Jisme most expected questions Honge for JEE and Neet. Usme bhut se questions previous years K online exam K honge
Masoom soni
9 months ago
Thank u so much sir..... Really so much thank u ...
Kumar Ketan
9 months ago
sir agar multiply me hota to kya krte
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  3. IIT JEE PHYSICS INDIAN IAN INSTITUTE 2018 Complete Paper Solution Q. #1 to Q. #30

  4. QUESTION -1 1. The density of a material in the shape of a cube is determined by measuring three sides of the cube and its mass. If the relative errors in measuring the mass and length are respectively 1.5% and 1%, the maximum error in determining the density is (1) 2.5% (3) 4.5% (2) 3.5% (4) 6% HPA dp dmd m l =(1.5 + 3 x 1) = 4.5%

  5. QUESTION - 2 All the graphs below are intended to represent the same motion. One of them does it incorrectly. Pick it up. Velocity Position Position (3)Time Distance Velocity Time (4)Time

  6. Options (1), (3) and (4) correspond to uniformly accelerated motion in a straight line with positive initial velocity and constant negative acceleration, whereas option (2) does not correspond to this motion.

  7. QUESTION - 3 Two masses m1- 5 kg and m2- 10 kg, connected by an inextensible string over a frictionless pulley, are moving as shown in the figure. The coefficient of friction of horizontal surface is 0.15. The minimum weight m that should be put on top of m2 to stop the motion is m2 m, (1) 18.3 kg (2) 27.3 kg (3) 43.3 kg (4) 10.3 kg m.g

  8. 5 <0.15(m 10) m > 23.33 kg Minimum mass 27.3 kg (according to given options)

  9. QUESTION -4 A particle is moving in a circular path of radius a under the action of an attractive potential U =-k/2r2. Its total energy IS (1)4a2 (2) 2a (3) Zero (4) 2 a 3 k

  10. -du dr Sol. F= 2r2 mv2 k [This force provides necessary centripetal force] 3 2 r2 KE- 2r2 2r2 Total energy = Zero

  11. Sol. It is a case of superelastic collision 2 .2 2 2 2 2 12 2

  12. MR2 MR2 Sol 6 .MC2RY) lp = 10 + 7 M3RF 181 MR2 2