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Countries। Capital। Currencies। President। PM of Countries for Competitive Exams - 2 (in Hindi)

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Dr Punit Goel

International organisations and their head office their CEO president General Secretary and their Foundation Day all these videos are very useful for you for competitive exam preparation IAS PCS SSC bank Railway State Public Service Commission seated TET net NDA CDS railway group D ALP CBT 2 CBT 3 psycho test preparation I am giving you a new course frequently very fast so keep in touch with me on India number one app unacademy you can purchase plus course of unacademy also and you will get 10 % discount on this course so you can use my referral code you will get a 20% discount 10% discount directly and 10% discount when you will use my referral code A2Z careers when you are purchasing in most economical coaching course on unacademy have just 400 rupees per month for 500 rupees per month so keeping touch with us doctor on

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