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Counting Figures Part 6th

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Dr Punit Goel

Mix figure of triangle and Square where you are to count the small number of triangles with the maximum numbers maybe small small Triangles and Jones and make a big triangle how many maximum number of triangles will be there in the given figure that is based on the last 5 previous videos if you know all the areas of Las Vegas videos then you can easily solve them up these questions definitely appear in the examinations of competitive like SSC CGL SSC CHSL even some of the questions asked in UP Police as well and if you are appearing for RPF Railway Police Force Railway examinations railway group D ALP CBT 2 at Sector then definitely this questions will be very useful for you my name is doctor, you can follow me on India's number one app on academy and I will bring you the best techniques of competitive exams to crack them thank you very much follow me on unacademy and always press like button and try to write some comments also does we know your idea about our thank you very much we will meet tomorrow till then bye

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