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Conversational Phrases: Part - 1
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What's the most difficult part in a conversation?? Starting a conversation... research says 70% people find it difficult to start a conversation. You know what, let's not be in that 70% category. Watch this tutorial to learn some common, easy conservational starter phrases.

Upasana Raj

Unacademy user
we have to follow both o.p.gauba and rajeev bhargava or any one is sufficient? kindly help me out of it
Ma'am can You give me some tips. Best way of learn English and writing I m weak in english
@Khanak, I am glad you found them helpful
thank u ma'am. really helpful :')
  1. Phrases: Conversation Starters Part I Success doesn't come to you, you go to them"

  2. "I've heard so much about vou..."

  3. 1 > "It's good to have you here...!"

  4. "I'd like vou to meet someone...!" 1 >

  5. "I am indeed! And you must be..."

  6. "I'll leave you two to get acquainted !"

  7. "Please, call me..."

  8. "What you been up to lately?..."

  9. "What you been up to lately?.." "What HAVE you been up to lately?..." Watch you bin up to lately?"

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