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Conditional Sentence - Type 0 (in Hindi)
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Type zero - Theory with examples

Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

Unacademy user
For question #7(5:28) on applying KVL for the loop why the 15ohm resister is not considered for the loop.
if you came , I would have helped you. 🙏 please explain sir ke kon sa structure follow Kiya Jana chahiye 2nd or 3 ?
sir aapne ye btaya hai ki ye ho skta hai . ye nahi btaya ye kyu ho skta hai
sir type zero ka 4sentence me will a sakta hai kya they will get promotion
Vijendra Singh
a year ago
agar 100% hai to will ki jarurat nahi hai...will ka bhi use kar sakte hain....par zero ka matlab...agar A hota to to B 100% hota hai batane ke liye karenge
  1. Conditional Sentence 1. Type Zero 2. Type 1 3. Type 2 4 Type 3 Two Parts 1. Main Clause 2. Conditional Clause/ if Clause/ Subordinate Clause when, after, before, as soon as, if, unti Positions 1. If clause/ main clause 2. Main Clause / If Clause

  2. Type Zero .Pattern .If + Present...+ Present - If the doorbell rings, the dog barks. -If you add twelve and fifteen, what do you get? - The batteries take over if the main supply fails - If the team win tomorrow, they get promotion to a higher league.

  3. Type One .Pattern If wlV1....+ Present Will/ shall/can/may/ -If it rains, the reception will take place indoors If we don't hurry, we won't get there in time. - If we want to ask questions, will we be allowed to? - The milk will go ff if you leave it by the radiator. -If we're having a party, we'll have to invite the neighbours. -If I've finished my work by ten, I'll probably watch a film on TV. -If you make a mistake, don't panic But to talk about something that is further in the future than the action of main clause. If this medicine will do me good, I'll take it.

  4. Type Two .Pattern .If+ past (V2)+ would - If I had lots of money, I would travel round the world I'd tell you the answer If I knew what it was. - If we didn't think the plane was safe, we wouldn't fly it. - If I were a billionaire, I would travel round the world -If Ravi were the captain, we would have won the match -If I were you, I would have solved this problem If the sun was shining, everything would be perfect. -If I had a light, I could see what I'm doing.

  5. Type Three .Pattern .If + past perfect... + Would Perfect -If you had taken a taxi, you would have got here in time. I would have bought that guitar yesterday if I'd had enough money. My brother would have been promoted if he'd stayed in this job - We would have gone to the talk if we'd known about it - If I had written the address down, I could have saved myself some trouble. - Had you taken a taxi, you would have got here on time. - Had I not carried out the order, I would have been sacked

  6. Conditional Sentences Exercises 1. They would be offended if I 2. If you took more exercise, You. better. (feel) 3. Ift_(rain), we will eat inside. 4. If you 5. We will lose our way if we (not / stay) on the main road. 6. What to their party. ( not go ) (not pass) the exam, you can take it again? lyou / do) if you had seen the thief steal the jewels? 7. If we had bought a lottery ticket, we (win) a fortune!

  7. I wish Future wish - could+ V1 / would+V1 We wish that you could come to party tonight. I wish that you would stop saying that. Present wish simple past/ were I wish that I had enough time to finish my homework They wish that they didn't have to go to class today. Past wish - Past perfect could have v3 I wish that I had washed the clothes yesterday She wishes that she could have been there

  8. I wish I wish !--yesterday. A) met B) would meet C) had met D) meet 2. I wish I of writing the report on the computerlong ago. A) thought B think C) had thought D) have thought 3. their language studies earlier. Many adult students of English wish they A) would start B) started C) would have been started D) had started 4. I wish I__what to do now A) know B) knew C) have known D) had known 5. We had a test yesterday, I wish A) we hadn't one C) we hadn't had one B) we didn't have one D) we wouldn't have one