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Concepts on Height and Distance (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with the concepts of trignometry and the related topic 'Height and Distance'.

Monika Janghu
I am a postgraduate from Delhi Technological University. I have Qualified GATE-Biotechnology (2013) and have experience of content writing.

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Anuradha Singh
4 months ago
you are most welcome rohit
Monika Janghu
9 months ago
hey siddharth kumar thanks
  1. Tapic- Helhks and Distances IS 7 Concept Tips ond Tricks

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  3. ightanaled 5ino - Hypotenuse / CosQ tens P Cosecoo CP) CH) b Base Ce) Formula sino Coso B tan

  4. tom angle belestion hongontal axis 8 . dapre mem

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  6. THANK