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Concepts on Clock (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed about the core concepts of clocks which we will be using in order to solve different variety of questions.

Ipsit Dwivedy
A B.Tech graduate and an educational entrepreneur having 8+ years of professional experience from TIME & IMS in training students of CAT.

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Roman sir ! Why did they abolished plan and non plan expenditure? WIll it affect anyway to economy or any sector in general ?
Shashank Baghel
3 years ago
coz planning commission decided planned expenditure..since planning commision is no need of seperate classification
thanx sir upload airthmatic session
Ipsit Dwivedy
6 months ago
Hi Rajiv you are most welcome and good to see you learning sincerely and I will try to post some more very important sessions for my students...
Ipsit Dwivedy
6 months ago
Happy learning Rajiv
thank you so much sir for d beautiful session.....👍
Ipsit Dwivedy
8 months ago
Thank you munmoon for the appreciation keep learning and I will be trying my best to provide the best courses for my students
Ipsit Dwivedy
8 months ago
You can clarify any of your doubts by posting in the comment box
thank you so much sir for d beautiful session.....👍
  1. SOME CONCEPTS ON CLOCKS BY 11 12 1 10 Ipsit Dwivedy

  2. I am a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology. After completing B.Tech I started working in Karnataka high court as a system officer. I left the job to join TIME asa DI/LR trainer for CAT, GRE, GMAT, CLAT, Banking, SSC, Railway and other competitive exams. Then I was called up by IMS so I started working with IMS as a DI/LR trainer for CAT, GRE, GMAT, CLAT and other competitive exams. I then started my own Institute for CAT, Banking, SSC and Railway. Currently I am running my own Institute and also working as a freelancer in IMS. I have an experience of 8 years in training students.

  3. Basics about clocks 12 MEnute Hand For a complete,otation I0n the minto hand takes hou So 6 O 6

  4. Basic things to remember 1 2 Hou Hand For a com plete rotation the howr hand takes 0 8 = 360 = 30 " 6 or 60 ) minutes 30

  5. Basic things to remember: 12 to be acrclas track 2 3 minute hand and the. hows hand aae movin 8 6 ket us assume that 1 minute ! Km

  6. Basic things to remember: 2 2 nute Hand Jo 0 Distamce6o km 3 Speed Distance Tme 6 60

  7. Basic things to remember: Hour Hand D'stam ce-60Km ) 2 10 2- S: 3 Distan ce Sbe Time 6 O 1 a.

  8. Basic things to remember 12. Both the minuta hane and hou hand are moving in the same- direcon Cclock-wi. So sken + bodies are movin inhe same 0 2- ai 8 6 Relat ve Speed 60-5