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Concept of Rank (in Hindi)
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Nisha yadav
I did masters in Physics from Malaviya National Institute of Technology,Jaipur. I love to teach and share knowledge .

Unacademy user
mam please make videos for iit jam physics
  1. CONEPTRANK Rank : O Maximum no. o ndependent 30 s os columns A) min (3,4) A)3 e JA) - o whan A null matrix.

  2. guesion T he sank the matsix is 2 22 ,8calax Puoduct / Proportional Relation Linear Combination R3 = R2+2R1

  3. "The ank ob the matrix. Sues TGATE -20141 2 8 18 is 1414 o Solution Rh) min (R,C) PA) min (3,4) Nullit solim. Rank a 3-2