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Concept of Biosphere (in Hindi)
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Here ..I have discussed about the concepts of biosphere ..

Aishwarya Mishra
A Double post graduate in Zoology(MSc) (2017) as well as in Education (MA)(2017) with State Govt. B.ed(2015), Qualified IBPS RRB PO & OPSC

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very detailed and nice ..
Amit Baghel
2 years ago
Thank you. If you liked the course please review this course as well :)
thank u ma'am ...u r lecture clear my all doubts nd dificulties
Aishwarya Mishra
2 years ago
welcome dear ..:)
thanks, good lecture
Aishwarya Mishra
2 years ago
:) thank you

  2. Definition of biosphere The biosphere: is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth, a closed system (apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth), and largely self regulating The Biosphere

  3. VARIOUS REALMS OF BIOSPHERE Biosphere Atmosphere Biosphere Hydrosphere Lithosphere

  4. km km exosotere 1000 800 600 satellite 1000 800 600 400 polar lights 400 spacecraft polar lights thermosphere 200 200 increasing 100 mesopause 80 mesosphere 60 100 89: metecrs -1 60 stratopause 40 ndosnde stratosphere 40 supersonic ozone layer 20- 20 nacreou se 10commerial sircaft Mt. Everest 10 6 parachute jump 6 troposphere planetary boundary layer sea level - 100 60 20 0 20 40 tamperatureC)

  5. Lithosphere The earth's crust consisting of the soil and rocks is the lithosphere. The soil is made up of inorganic and organic matter and water. . " 100 kr. ick Mavt Mantlo CAS .The main mineral constituents are compounds or mixtures derived from the elements of Si, Ca, K, Al, Fe, Mn, Ti, O etc. (Oxides, Silicates, and Carbonates). Selid Not to scalo 7 eeer core 378 km To scale .The organic constituents are mainly polysaccharides, organo compounds ofoceans N, P and S. Crnnt The organic constituents even though Crust form only around 4%-6% of the lithosphere, they are responsible for the fertility of the soil and hence its productivity 8

  6. Hydrosphere "This comprises all water resources both surface Surfoce Water All Weter Water on Earth and ground water. The world's water is found in oceans and seas, lakes and reservoirs, rivers and streams, the Polar Regions in addition to ground water below the land areas. The distribution of water among these resources is as under Freshacter 1% Oceans and Seas 96-97 % 9 -Glaciers and polar icecaps 2-3 % -Fresh water <1% "The water locked up in the Oceans and Seas are too salty and cannot be used directly for human consumption, domestic, agriculture or Industrial purposes only less than 1% of water resources are available for human exploitation. Water is considered to be a common compound with uncommon properties. These uncommon properties (e.g. anomalous expansion of water) are mainly responsible for supporting terrestrial and aquatic life on earth 2% . OCEAN 10

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