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Computer Class - 1 (in Hindi)
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Computer class 1

Ankush Lamba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankush Lamba
Banking chronicle YouTube and Telegram channel, cleared several Banking exams like RRB PO/CLERK, IDBI PO, BOB PO, INDIAN BANK PO Got Full ma

Unacademy user
thank you Mam for this ecplanation
sir upsssc computer operator k kiye bhi h ye class
I can't find ur computer class from ur profile.....
sir pls pls koi book ka Naam btadijiye jha se computer awareness puri cover hojaye

  2. unacademy Homexlre Plus Login Signup Back to Plus Reasoning for SBI PO, IBPS PO and RRB PO Ankush Lamba o 11k followers 0:02/7:53 4th June to 7th July 2018 24 hours of live classes YouTube J In this course, Ankush Lamba will comprehensively cover all important topics of Reasoning, which will be helpful for SBI PO, IBPS PO and RRB PO. The course will be conducted in Hindi. Private Discussion Forums Doubt clearing sessions and Live quizzes R5,500 inclusive of 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course About this course O Last date to apply is 4th June LIMITED SEATS. Cost increases on 7th May Live Sessions The course consists of 24 sessions of T hour duration each. Session recording will be

  3. _key is the example of Toggle key A. Alt B. Shift C. Control D. Escape E. Caps Lock

  4. The most widely used type of database management system is the: A. Flat database B. Network database C. Relational database D. Hierarchical database E. None of the above

  5. Which action can a user perform using an output device? A. input data B. store data C. scan data D. view or print data E. None of these

  6. Which among the following statement is closely related to secondary storage? A. It is non-volatile and its content remains after power is switched off B. It does not use magnetic media C. It consists of four main types of devices D. It does not store information for later retrieval E. It's main purpose is to make interconnections of networks

  7. Which among the following is software application commonly used to preparea presentation/slide show? A. Adobe B. Power Point C. Outlook Express D. Internet Explorer E. Windows Explorer

  8. A CD player can access data/information using which method? A. Sequential access B. Random acces:s C. Multivariate access D. All of these E. None of these Each box in a spreadsheet is calleda_ A. Cell B. Block C. Field D. Table E. Empty space

  9. Which among the following is one of the category of the programs of system software? A. Microsoft word B. Operating System C. Language Translator D. All of the above E. None of these

  10. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends? A. It is not unethical, because it is legal B. It is unethical because the files are being given for free C. Sharing copyrighted files without permission breaks copyright laws. D. It is not unethical because the files are being given for free E. It is not unethical- anyone can access a computer